Dead by Daylight: strategy guide, tips for Survivors / Killer

Dead by Daylight is a horror video game that you can play together with your friends. In the game, there are two groups: victims and perpetrators, and both want to win. Here, one of your friends takes on the role of a brutal killer, while others fear for their lives and must try to escape. In this guide we give you tips for both sides.

Tips and Tricks for Survivors

In Dead by Daylight, you take over the role of a survivor, so you play the third-person mode. Survivors need a good perception, must mindfully and be quiet mainly or stay and see where the killer is staying and where he can hide:

- Explore the map and collect items: When the game starts, then you start at a random point, so you can never be sure where all objects are, where you can hide etc. So you should first carefully explore the Map. So that you can find useful items such as Medikits or a flashlight that are often in boxes.

- Crawl is the first discipline: you should try to get around slowly. If you run, then you make footprints that the killer can see. Then he will follow you and track.

- To help you find generators, you have to simply look skyward. The machines emit a light that can detect it by a flood lights in the sky.

- If you want to repair a generator, you should find an escape route. Therefore, search your surroundings for ways that you can use it. Pay attention to windows that you skip or wooden boards, which can upset you, in order to do in an emergency.

- Listen closely. Not only when the killer comes, listen to his sounds. Approximately half a second before the quick time event starts repairing the generators, in which you have to press the space bar, there is a noise. Pay attention so as not to miss the event.

- If you have a toolbox, you should not run on generators, but look out for hooks. You can disarm them.

- Stay together in groups of two. So you not only repairs generators faster, but you can also heal each other, if you have found a Medikit. Run a survivor in a case, the other one can free him quickly. Never go in triple or even quadruplets over the area. So killer has better chance to take you all at once.

- Do not try to escape from the hook. You lose more health and the chances that you manage are very low. Wait until a team member reaches you.

- If you want to help a survivor, then wait until the killer sets up a trap. In the time he looks at the ground and does not look around.

- Once the doors are open, you should run immediately. If you prefer to help teammates, then you can collect a few extra points here. The killer is probably pouncing on a survivor who is not so quickly make out of the arena. Save him together, to get more points.

- Run, but don’t run. Also, if you need somewhere go-out fast, better run. But again, if you run, the killer sees your tracks.

- Beware of open areas and use near ruins and other objects to hide quickly. Since the killer is a little faster than you.

- Never hide in a closet. The killer simply follows your footsteps to the closet, opens it and you're on the hook.

- The Shift key increases the speed of almost all actions. For example: hidden behind a window and the killer comes, then you should press Shift and you quickly jump through the window.

- Utilize the camera, you have the ability to overlook a large area with the third-person camera. If you are sitting straight in front of a generator to fix this, then use your camera option to search the area around you for the killer.

- Turn around often, when you are on the run from the killer you can anticipate some actions, for example, if he wants you to cut off the path.

- Are you the sole survivor, you should not repair the generator until the end. Wait it to about 95%. So the last generator will not last as long. At the last generator the killer knows where you are, why you need to be fast here.

But keep in mind: Every killer is different. It is never predictable, like a killer goes on, since each player who accepts the killer role, in addition to the skills of the character your own, brings personal skills. On the other hand, you learn and understand your enemy and see through as he works as survivors. This makes each run to create a unique gaming experience in Dead by Daylight.

Tips and Tricks for Killer

The killer plays from the first-person perspective. For him, speed is important, power and the sense of the environment. In addition, the killer in advance can a perk or Choose advantage with which he can track his victims better.

- Before you hunt a survivor you should set traps, it is pointless to run behind them.

- If you have someone on the hook, then stays near him, hide yourself and lying in wait for one of his teammates, who wants to try to rescue his mate. So perhaps you can also draw him.

- Look at the distance between the generators. What each other in close proximity? These are the survivors probably want to fix.

- You can bring the survivors to repair the generators that are most convenient for you. Just stand near a generator or beat a person down so they do not come back as quickly.

- Watch for footprints and listen closely, if you hear crows that have been disturbed by nearby survivors.

- Have the survivors already repaired some generators, the survivors hurt so much that they lie on the floor and go to the next person. First, bring to a hook takes too long and the other free the person quickly. Beat down the survivors and then bring them to the hook so that they can not wait for machines in time.

- You should not follow a survivor in a maze with full of ruins and bricks, you leave him and devote yourself for other hunting things.

- Familiarize yourself with the map. Pay attention especially to where the generators are located. The maps are indeed procedural approach, however, are almost always the same. So you can find almost always the same ruins and houses.

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