Titanfall 2: Rodeo mechanics, Ion, Ronin and Scorch at a glance

In the latest installment of the Titanium video game series, Titanium 2, the functions of the Titans has changed compared to its predecessor. It is a completely new mechanism introduced Rodeo and loadouts and chassis are replaced with preset configurations. The game will be released on October 28, 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Titanfall 2 offers you a complete single-player campaign in which the first impressions shows a special relationship between Titan and pilots. There are three new Titans have been confirmed. In the first part of the series, players were able to set themselves the equipment of their giant robot. In Titalfall 2, there will be six chassis and they are attached to specific equipment and armaments.

The three new Titans in Titanfall 2


- Armament: Splitter Rifle - An energy weapon, which consumes Titan’s energy and can fire in rapid succession by three projectiles.
- Titanium core: core laser - Your Titan fires a powerful beam from his chest.
- Tactics ability: Tripwire - you can lay mines, which not emit a laser beam which can trigger detonation when a mob touched this.
- Offensive ability: Laser Shot - Ion placed a laser on his shoulder, which is particularly effective against infantry.
- Defensive Ability: Vortex Shield - It creates a shield which collects ammunition and shoots back at your enemies.


- Armament: Lead Wall - A shotgun which shoots bullets that can bounce off walls and obstacles.
- Titanium core: Core Sword - You gain extra attacks with the sword and the combat power and capabilities to be strengthened.
- Tactics ability: Phase Dash - Ronin disappears for a moment and will not be visible.
- Offensive skills: Arc Wave - Slows enemy units and adds them to electrical damage.
- Defensive Skill: Sword Block - Reduces damage suffered by Ronin holding the sword in front of him and projectile deflect.


- Armament: T-203 flamethrowers - Scorch throws grenades that set the environment in flames.
- Titanium core: Flame Core - Push a wave of fire that causes very strong damage and spreads quite slowly.
- Tactics skills: Incendiary Trap - You throw a gas canister, which can be brought by all fire skills Scorch an explosion.
- Offensive ability: Firewall - your spread a wall of fire in a straight line. This causes damage when passing through.
- Defensive Ability: Heat Shield - You can absorb enemy attacks and spread damage on opponents in the vicinity.

The new Rodeo mechanics in Titanium 2

In the previous installment, you could jump on the back of Titans and stock up its sensitive electrical components with firing bursts to disable him. Now you can easily snatch the Mechs battery to harm him. This will get the battery of the enemy and should make you out of the dust. However, he can track using his interfaces and will certainly chase you.

However, if you manage to mount the battery to another Mech, you get a shield bonus which is equated to the damage taken of the original Titans.

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