Youtubers Life: strategy guide for beginners

Youtubers Life is a simulation video game from the developer U-Play online. It is available in early access to Windows, Mac and Linux. In the game, players can create their own channel on Youtube to get fame, money and many followers. Besides being a Youtuber, you must create, edit and manage the content of your channel, without leaving aside your personal life, friends and relationships. In our guide below, we will show you how to download the game and the basics to start playing Youtubers Life.

How to download Youtubers Life

Youtubers Life is available in early access on Steam for $ 14.99. This means that it is still in development and getting constant updates.

System requirements to run Youtubers Life on the PC:

Os - Windows XP or Mac OS X Mavericks or higher
Processor - 2GHz or higher
RAM memory - 2 GB
Video card - 512 MB
Disk Space - 3GB

Creating character and channel

The first step in the game is to create your character and choose a name for your YouTube channel. The interface and choices are similar to the series The Sims. That is, you can choose clothes, accessories, personality and even a life goal for the character, which involves money, popularity or romance. The channel is also subject you to choose, but for now you can only select games videos.

You start in your own room in the house where you live most of your time. As soon as you get more followers and money you can move into your own apartment. However, this means that you will have more responsibilities and problems to deal with. The good news is that you can buy a huge number of things to decorate your new home.

Profile and needs

The profile of your character appears in the upper right corner of the screen, with your money, hunger, sleep, collection letters, skills and information about the channel. At the bottom are the daily missions and objectives you must meet throughout the game. When you record, edit and move up a video, you'll see another menu across the screen with likes data, comments, and options to promote it and how much money earned.

Your character also needs to eat and sleep to stay focused, and study to keep notes on average. The skills are divided between acting, editing and other attributes that are improved as you create more videos.

Recording and editing video

In Youtubers Life, you can record and edit your own videos by clicking on the shelf. In addition to games, there are several types of videos, as gameplays, reviews and others. The first step to record a video is to choose the game and have the platform to play (PC, Xbox, PlayStation). Then you will see your editing station. According to the PC model, you will have more or less power points to use for editing your video.

This score can be increased as you buy more current pieces. This also applies to new effects that can be chosen on the editing tools. Recording functions as a kind of mini-game with cards with actions.

The player writes a scene and then must choose a type of letter with an action to do at that time. Each action costs energy, and to put the right, you should choose one that has the same icon of the scene above.

At the end you must finish the video editing mixing scenes and effects. Not all will fall into place, and not to get negative comments, create a line of videos with arrows all green. Red arrows indicate problems in editing and generate bad reviews. Effects also provide more points and enhance the amount of video.

Games and consoles

Games, consoles and new parts for the computer are purchased at the online store, as well as food and other accessories. And not all games need to be purchased as you receive invitations from friends to try and save some of the current releases. You can also sell them at any time for half the price.

Both on your shelf as well as the store you will see games that have stars and colored icons. This indicates the popularity of that title, if it is high (green), stabilized (yellow) or already in decline (red).

This detail is very helpful in choosing what to write to the channel. This is because some games remain popular for a long time, while others burst only at launch and are forgotten soon after.

Relationships and employees

Friendships are easy to make and difficult to maintain. Relationships are important to build links, have contacts and get employees after the third stage. They can help you produce content on the channel for a certain price.

In your profile, you can see the friendships and the status of each relationship. Friends can offer you free games and even invite you to exclusive events. Call them to visit or talk to them using the computer to maintain friendships. The game also lets your character has a relationship and get married.

Calendar and Events

It is important to pay attention to the calendar that appears on your phone. It shows the release date of the game, an essential factor not to lose time record first impressions or reviews. The events are good opportunities for you to socialize and network, plus get free gifts when performing small tasks during the event.

Some events are paid, others are only parties among friends. There are also fairs to promote games and companies can invite you to a presentation. Pay attention to the type of clothing that should be used in events and parties to dress properly or have time to buy a different outfit before date.

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