Pokemon GO: best Pokemon types for your team

In Pokemon GO for iOS and Android, you can catch and train pocket monsters, and they can be categorized into 18 different types.

Although each of the 151 Pokémon in Pokémon GO has strengths and weaknesses, but there are some monsters that are generally stronger than others and can be better to use them to fight than put a lot of the other Pokémon. Of course, here also individual preferences play a role, but nevertheless we show you the best Pokémon types for your teams below.

Each Pokémon type has strengths and weaknesses in relation to other types in the aspect offense and defense. In order to find out, you have to make this one in a ranking in order to derive the best Pokémon types.

Offensive Rank
Defensive Position
Ghost 9.52 1
Dragon 94.5 2
Electric 5.58 3
Psychic 4.510 4
Rock 69.5 5
Ground 5116
Flying 7.59 7
Water 9.57 8
Steel 12.56 9
Dark 8.511.5 10
Poison 146.5 11
Normal 1110 12
Grass 1011.5 13
Ice 813.5 14
Fire 1212.5 15
Fighting 1213 16
Bug 13.512.5 17
Fairy 1313 18

Therefore, it is possible to derive from the above table, generally seen that Ghost Pokémon is the best type.

- Ghost Pokémon are also the best defensive type of the first generation.
- They don’t belonging to attack, although the strongest Pokémon, but only other Spirit or dark Pokémon are very effective in the fight against it, which is only 2% of all Pokémon.
- Ghost Pokémon are so difficult to defeat. While there are not many of them, once you encounter one you should catch him!

On the second and third place the Pokémon Dragon and Electric types follow. These Pokémon team do nothing, as they are both offensive and defensive balance and enrich your team characterized.

As can be seen from the rankings, Fairy Pokémon are commonly seen the weakest type. They are offensive only very effective against the fight, dragon and dark. However, these three types account for only 7% of all Pokémon. Defensive again they are only effective against 15% of all Pokémon.

In second place 16 and 17, the types of fighting and bugs can be found. Your offensive skills are not very effective against a little more than half of all Pokémon (54% and 57% respectively). And defensively they are among the five weakest of all types.

These are the best Pokémon for your team!

Your goal in Pokémon GO should be to establish the most balanced team with different types. So you should not only gather the types Ghost, Dragon and Electric based on the rankings now but also you should not refuse all the Pokémon types like fighting, bugs and fairy.

It depends on a balanced mixture. Have you got, for example, only the Pokémon types of rock, ground and fire in your team, Water-type Pokémon have an easy time with you. Substitute instead a grass type Pokémon, which are very effective against water. Ultimately it depends on your own experiences from which Pokémon types are the best for you.

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