Vikings Season 4: The full trailer of the 2nd part revealed

At Comic Con in San Diego, the production of "Vikings" unveiled a trailer for the second part of Season 4.

The second part of Vikings looks exceptional. Ragnar and his crew set sail for the Mediterranean. His children should also be central to the plot. One thinks especially Ivar and Bjorn.

Vikings: A big jump in time

As fans could see him in the final mid-season, the writers have made long jump in time. Interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, director Michael Hirst justified the time trend. "We have made a leap in significant time and we don’t conventionally or waiting for the end of the season. We didn’t want either classic this time. It was better to do something dramatic to get where we needed to be. It has always been the history of Ragnar and his son, so the jump in time is just important enough that all boys grow up. We got a glimpse of what happened to them before starting the next half of the season. "

Michael Hirst then referred to the new action scene of the series: "There are many places where we will go. We will return to England in retaliation for what happened and the Vikings will want to return to Paris. They will travel in the Mediterranean and Iceland. I have great ambitions for the series and as you will see in the second half of the season, we will go to new and exotic places because that's what the Vikings did and wanted. They felt that nothing could stop them"

The fans will have to wait until next fall to see Vikings episode 11 of season 4 on History.