Ariana Grande reveals remix of Into You feat. Mac Miller

Even during the holidays, Ariana Grande thinks her fans and continues to spoil them with nice surprises. Lately, she has unveiled a new version of her song "Into You" featuring her friend Mac Miller.

There are some days, the singer took a drastic decision about her love life and her family. She wants to start from scratch and put an end to her relationship with her partner Ricky Alvarez who she was with a year. Despite her heartbreak, Ariana Grande still thinks her fans and has many upcoming projects. After the success of her album Dangerous Woman, she played in the musical Hairspray Live! From the month of December. Waiting to see on the stage, the young woman unveiled the remix of "Into You" with Mac Miller.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are back! In this new version of her song "Into You", the pretty brunette turned to her friend Mac Miller. In 2013, the rapper had already joined the singer for a song "The Way." In addition, the song from her latest album Dangerous Woman hit in the United States where it ranks 23 on the Billboard Hot 100! This remix has received a very warm welcome and probably will hoist top the charts!

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