Cult of Personality guide - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Cult of Personality (SM02) is one of the side missions in Deus Ex: Mankind's Divided. This side mission is not as easy to find as it is not disclosed as part of the main quest. Thus to complete SM 02, you have to get into the sewers of Prague. Here you will initially find two women. While listening to their conversation you learn that a lady has lost her loved one. Let the women talk and say the sister of the missing Pavel. Then you get a POI marker that leads you to a secret cult. This is called POI: rumors of a cult. Using this marker you will directed cult of personality to the secondary mission. Follow the path marker - you don’t have to run through the toxic cloud, but can proceed right through the round opening until you have arrived at Viznik.

Speak with Viznik you learn more about Cult of Personality. Viznik is a member of the cult and ask too many questions. He seems to have got doubts and the course does not fit into a sect. Later you will learn from him that the leader of the personality cult used a trick to keep people with him. Then you can watch the side quest SM 02: Cult of Personality ACCEPT. You will receive from Viznik a Keycard with that you can enter the cordoned-off area. Use the Keycard to open the gate.

Once you enter the hall, you will overwhelm by the presence of Richard. Richard explained to you his view of things and trying to take you for himself. You notice that your augmentations are incapacitated and you need to resist Richard. Go as follows:

- Select YIELD and Richard fight you to stay, that you may know him.

- Select AGREE and you can move freely in the hall. At this point you have to speak with Richard.

- The crumpled paper find on the image you'll get the hint that you need to travel to Čistá Čtvrť and there need to seek a man named Liborio.

You can easily find Liborio, since he stays in his Magic shop. Just follow the blue waypoint to the subway and go to the bus stop to the left. The waypoint will lead you on to the store, you enter to talk to Liborio.

- Question Liborio further and you will learn many interesting things about the methods he and Richard learn.

- Liborio tell you that you have to interfere with the emitter.

- He gives you three jamming equipment, you have to attach the emitters. So Richard gradually loses control of the people who are subject to him.

Install the jammers

Go back and enter the sewers as usual, to get back to Richards Hall. Now comes somewhat complicated part of the side mission Cult of Personality, because you have to find the emitter and install the jammers. These small amplifiers are actually not so well hidden, but easily overlooked. It is important that you pay attention, while you run past to the safety guns. You have to be fast, so that they don’t shoot. Even if they capture you, you still have a few moments to place yourself beyond their reach.

Once you able to find the emitter and install the jammers, you go to the microphone. Here you have to expose Richard before the others. Adam, we know the truth aloud in front of all and if you choose a response option pity, you learn a little more about Richard’s efforts. At the next opportunity to say we opted for ATTENUATED and thus brought Richard to give up. SM 02: Cult of Personality is completed. But don’t leave the area before you look around because you will still get some useful items.

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