Deus Ex Mankind Divided: get more XP Points in Breach mode

In the new mode of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided you will be rewarded for certain actions with additional points. If you want to get even more points, then you have to perform the below actions. It is not possible to carry out all actions within a level and you should complete as many of these actions as you can because you will thus get much more experience points and credits. Below you will find all actions and explanations.

Kills - Generally, the more kills you achieved, the more points you will receive.

Headshot Kills - Here you get a lot of extra points for Kill by headshot.

Off-Kills - This technique consumes energy, but kill your opponents, it will rain Experience points.

Augmentation Kills – Use your ability to kill a one, you will be rewarded.

Explosion Kills - Very showy version of the Kills, which leads perhaps that you will discover. Nevertheless, it provides you additional experience.

Main Unit Kills - There is extra points for kill this particular type of guards.

Destroy Armor - Here helps armor-piercing ammunition. Destroy your opponent armor, you will be rewarded.

Disabled Security Cameras - With EMP ammunition you can deactivate the cameras for a short time. You can find the spies but also shoot.

Data Extraction - This promotion is your main task. There are many times for more data to extract, requiring as your requirements. If you take more information you’ll get more points.

Fragment Collection - Look for small fragments. Collect them to get a bonus.

Survived Alarms - Raise an alarm, you will strongly attacked. If it is possible you to survive these attacks, you get more experience points.

Remote Hacks - For the hacking of firewall, there are other points. The faster you are, the more experience points you will be awarded.

Remain Undetected - Move through corridors silently and remain undetected by your opponents for additional rewards.

As you can see, some actions can be combined well. They actually use two approaches: The aggressive and clandestine. Find out what works best for you and use the actions to make you stronger. In this way you will get more points.

More points with multipliers

Unlock booster packs free to get multipliers, which can improve your specific actions. They are not always related directly to the actions mentioned above, but they can support you in your implementation and help you to get more points. The faster you make it through a level, the more points you get at the end. The following examples explain these multipliers in more detail:

Pistol Plus: The pistol damage is increased by 150%, making it faster Kills. It saves time and allows additional eliminations. Good achieve for actions like Kills or to the multiplier to increase time.

Tempo Plus: Your avatar moves with 130% of its speed, which you can get faster through the level. Particularly well suited to increase time to the multiplier.

Multiplier-TP: Your health is increased by 15%, making it a better chance to survive a battle. You should perform the action "Survived alarms", will help you this multiplier.

As you can see, you have the actions and multipliers simply combine well and get in this way you can get much more points than a single pass.

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