Empire Season 3: Taraji P. Henson welcomes Mariah Carey!

While the filming of Empire Season 3 is in full swing, Taraji P.Henson (Cookie) was speaking about the arrival of Mariah Carey.

The arrival of Mariah Carey to the cast of Empire Season 3 has obviously not left Taraji P. Henson insensitive: "It was great! Mariah is fabulous, she is beautiful to watch. I wish I could wear a leotard like that! It brings the feeling of what Mariah brings to the music industry. I am grateful that she spent time with us. "

Mariah Carey joins the prestigious Fox series, which has already hosted many stars of the music world as Alycia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Mary J. Blige, Ne-Yo and Timbaland.

Empire: Lucious in a fragile psychological state

"I think you have to worry about Lucious psychologically now that his mother was released. This family is so used to hearing things that are not necessarily true. Lucious keep saying to everyone, "You don’t know what you've done, you don’t know how much it can be destructive", they see it as yet another manipulation on his part when in reality it is truth in what Lucious said. This woman is a danger to him and perhaps for the whole family" Producer Ilene Chaiken Had said in an interview with Variety magazine.

Also, In an interview with TV Line Ilene Chaiken said: "What we put in place, it's a battle between darkness and light! Who are the Lyon and how will they continue to define themselves in the future? Can they change? Do Lucious is the Dark Lord and his family-they push the other way? And really, how Tariq positions in all this? I would venture to say that if Tariq is really Lucious half brother, there will probably be no good and bad."

Empire Season 3 will premier on FOX on September 21.