iPhone 7 with MacBook to feature Force Touch Home button

Rumors Apple would replace the physical Home button on the iPhone 7 with a model with Taptic Engine, already circulating for some time. The distinctive button could then provide feedback via vibration, like the trackpad of the MacBook - and incidentally cause the iPhone 7 is waterproof.

It is highly probable and haunts least since April this year through the net: The home button of the iPhone, which one yet can push down physically, is to be replaced with a model with sensor. The Apple smartphone would thus protected in a sensitive area from the ingress of water and dust. This rumor now have confirmed by Apple close source Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, to date, the Home button is one of the more repair-prone components. We must adapt to a touch sensor button that deliver feedback by vibration of the so-called Taptic Engine. Comparable know Apple users about the Apple Watch or the trackpad in MacBook.
Dual Camera and lack of headphone jack

The new iPhone 7 Plus comes with dual camera but lack of headphone jack, which probably replace with Bluetooth or Lightning port headphones.

Visually, the iPhone 7 generation is hardly differ from the previous iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Externally, the most noticeable change is the new position of the antenna strip, which is now moved to the edge of the case.

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