No Man's Sky: strategy guide for beginners

Thanks to a special algorithm, the developer of Hello Games has created a universe for you, which holds 18 trillion planets to explore. This quickly becomes clear that it is impossible with your spaceship to explore every part of the galaxy. Each planet has its own flora and fauna and you have the chance to collect its resources and crafting items. In between you step even in contact with extraterrestrials and can decide whether you want to become friend or foe.

Once you start in the world of No Man's Sky, you are on a unique planet on the edge of the galaxy. Now, your goal is to reach the center of the galaxy. But before you can start looking, you must first repair your rickety spaceship. You can collect the first resource on the planet to make your ship again airworthy and to leave the planet.

The first steps in No Man's Sky

In the first seconds of the game you wake up with slightly dim view and the crash site of your spaceship. You realize very quickly that your ship cannot travel anywhere for the time being. Look around and open each container to find resource. You should need an Atlas pass for the opening. Take a look at your ship to find out which parts need to replace.

Explore, Discover and Travel

Each planet in No Man's Sky has its own interface, which are either full of life or a remote area with hostile circumstances, but perhaps most valuable resources. In a new game, not only the planet, but the whole galaxy is recreated for each player. You have collected enough materials, you can make your way to the next planet or a close neighborhood of Frankfurt Space Station.

On each planet you can scan all your findings and get through this information to the currency units. In addition, your insights are stored in your personal inventory and you can upload them to the Atlas. The Atlas is an overview of all your game progress.

Fighting, Action and Collectibles

In No Man's Sky, if you contact with aliens, you can study their language, trade, or simply exploit them. All these decisions have an impact on your relationship with the other species and understanding their culture. A clear mission number does not exist. You just have to try to reach the center of the galaxy and until then to survive as long as possible.

Struggle and Death

Once you die during your journey, you will lose all unsaved accumulated resources. You spawn on a space station or your last save point and have the opportunity again to visit the planet of your misfortune to retrieve the game from the last save point. However, death haunt for a second time at a similar location, all items are completely lost. Therefore, you should save your progress often.

No Man's Sky is a survival game, which is why you should be careful. The game may not end with your death, but the loss of your death isare enormous and can set back your progress.

Space Battle

In space, the gameplay of No Man's Sky is much more action-packed than the planet itself. Especially, when you have precious cargo on board, more and more space pirates will appear and open fire. Therefore, a continuous improving of your spaceship is recommended.

Intelligent life forms and Sentinels

You can only act with most aliens. Initially, it is particularly awkward, since you don’t even understand their language and you must therefore reach agreement based on gestures. In addition to all of the discovery and the collecting of objects you can follow across the galaxy also mysterious alien signals. These signals can be found occasionally fragments, which can help you in understanding the alien language.

So that you don’t extinguish the flora and fauna of whole worlds gradually, there is in No Man's Sky called Sentinels, which appear when you engaged too much threatening in the respective world or injured local life forms. Furthermore, there is also a space-police, which turns up when other ships attack or raid the trade convoy. Can you manage to defeat the police or to flee from them, the military is switched on and start to chase you.

Collecting and crafting

You have an enormously wide range of crafting possibilities. You can collect the necessary materials with your multi-tool, which is available to you from the start and can be constantly improved with time. Your tool needs to be recharged with time, what you can do for example with carbon. If you can degrade a resource either slowly or quickly, the units obtained are automatically added to your inventory. Your spacesuit also requires replenishment with fresh oxygen.

You can find the resources combine and gain completely new materials occasionally characterized. Unfortunately, your inventory fills quite quickly, which is why you should consume quickly the found materials or they can send in your cargo bay. If this does burst at the seam, you have the chance to purchase additional slots from stores or materials for sale on space stations.

Upgrades for your gaming experience

Until you arrive at the center of the universe you will have a variety of improvements for your equipment to discover and create. These include upgrades for your ship or even completely new runabout. You have the opportunity to refine shields, hyperdrive, the cargo bay or the weapons. Of course, this also applies to your arsenal on the ground. Especially your tool should always be brought up to date.

Using blueprints you can learn to create new objects. Over time you can create a brand new spaceship even from the resources found.

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