Choose Your Weapon - COD: Infinite Warfare

In addition to conventional weapons categories in Call of Duty - Infinite Warfare, you’ll also find some new creations in the weapon selection. Thus, there are an assault rifle that you can break up into two parts, to fire in Akimbo style or how about a grenade that built a black hole and attracts nearby enemies. Here, you’ll find all confirmed weapons in COD: Infinite Warfare.

Machine guns (SMGs)

Erad: SMG with the highest precision thanks to long muzzle.

FHR40: Fully automatic SMG with an extremely high rate of fire.

Karma-45: It has high recharge rate and ammo capacity thanks to double magazine.

RPR Evo: Includes alternative assault rifle mode and also has a hybrid sight.

HVR: Fires heavy terrestrial ammunition.

Assault Rifles

NV4: A fully automatic weapon with moderate rate of fire and improved stability. It is suitable for medium to long distances.

R3K: A burst energy weapon and it is more powerful with each additional shot.

Kbar-32: Fully automatic rifle with high mobility and improved firing from the hip.

Type 2: Extraordinary assault rifle which is assembled from two individual weapons with which you can alternatively firing two Hands in akimbo mode.

Volk: Has a low fire rate, but has a high stopping power.

Sniper Rifles

KBS Longbow: Eliminates targets with one shot.

EWC-800: Includes alternative assault rifle mode with automatic fire and reduced power consumption.

Light Machine Guns (LMG)

RAW: Fully automatic energy weapon that has an energy cell with high capacity.

Mauler: Very high rate of fire and little scattering when firing from the hip.

Titan: Causes high damage, but also has a strong recoil.

Hand Guns

EMC: Semiautomatic energy gun with constant stopping power.

Oni: Increased rate of fire after a while

Hailstorm: Fires burst of three shots in quick succession.


Reaver: The rotating drum magazine ensures quick release shots.

DCM-8: Includes energy cell with high capacity and high rate of fire.

Banshee: has a moderate stopping power and rate of fire.

Rocket and Grenade Launchers

Spartan-SA3: target seeker rocket launchers to combat targets in the air. Includes optical smart lock.

P-LAW: Fires semiautomatic plasma projectiles that cause high area damage.

GL3: mortars, exploding its projectiles on impact.

Melee Weapons

Combat Knife: Fast and quiet weapon for close combat.


Cluster Grenade: Explodes into smaller explosions.

Plasma Grenade: Detention grenade plasma damage.

Viewfinder Grenade: Seek independently for targets and then remains on them adhere to the explosion.

Tripwire mine: Magnetic mine that explodes when an enemy interrupts its laser.

Exploding drones: Remote-controlled drone in the air that detonates on a button.

Stray Grenade: Divide up into smaller shells that are provided with a drive.

Black hole projectors: Creates a black hole swirls enemies into the air and spun to the ground.

Bio Spike: Throwing Knife, exploding on impact.

C4: Standard explosive device which can be manually placed and blown from afar.

Blackout Grenades: Stun enemies with temporary loss of vision and hearing.

Epic Weapons

By playing CoD: Infinite Warfare, you earned a new game currency (Salvage) which allows you to upgrade from regular weapons to prototype. These include:

- RPR EVO (Bosozuku)

- Reaver (Machete)

- EMC (Avalanche)

- R3KT, DCM8 (masochist)

- TYPE2 (Butcher)

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