Here's What's New in Uncharted 4: Bounty Hunters DLC

Bounty Hunters, the latest DLC for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End brings you plenty of new content for the multiplayer mode. Here you’ll get well-known aspects of the Uncharted series, new weapons and even a new mode is included. Also, you can create your own gameplay videos and share with the community. For fans of Uncharted 2, the developers have the old, popular Map “Village” brought in the next generation and integrated into the world of Uncharted 4.

The village map was revamped and with improved graphics and new ways (for example, gripping hooks) integrated into the game. A very interesting aspect of the bounty hunter DLCs is that, unlike other DLCs for Uncharted 4, it is completely free. A special feature is the Cinema Replay. This can create your own gameplay videos and use for the production of home videos. This can hold and manipulate your best situations.

The Triple Pack upgrades will bring you the following additional bonuses

- Bandit Hat
- RKL-155 Pistol
- Shield of Asgard Mystical
- Lock and Load Booster
- Pistol Spin taunt

New game mode: Bounty Hunter

The new game mode focuses on more team play and Strategy. In the game, two teams play against each other and collect points. If a player is defeated, he drops a bounty, which will bring you 10 points. However, these bonuses are also frustrated by the team members of the defeated player. There is a randomly changing Captain in each team that brings many points (60 to 120 points!). However, for the collection requires some time, that is why you need good work strategically.

New weapons, boosters, mystical ability for multiplayer in Uncharted 4

New Weapons:

RKL-155: Fully automatic mid pistol
Lowe-S: Assault Rifle
DC Single Action: Semi Automatic Revolver
US-AN 12: Automatic shotgun
Harrison 1890: Lever Action Rifle

New Mystical Ability:

Shield of Asgard: A shield that reduces damage for a short time.

Undisturbed: You can use a fully charged melee to survive while rolling or climbing.

Locked and Loaded: If you collect ammunition, then that will put immediately into your clip.

Weapons Expert: You can repel when jumping or falling target.

Silent Assassin: Take out opponent without knowing his team members.

New Personalize Items:

- Numerous new Taunts, headgear and face coverings.
- More than 40 new designs and preset outfits.

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