Uncharted 4 - cheats: unlock weapons / infinite ammo

After you have played through the Uncharted 4: A Thief's End once, you can use the second run cheats, which unlock useful features, such as infinite ammo, different photo filters, new designs and also some funny goodies are among the cheats. In this guide you will find all sorts of interesting Cheats for Uncharted 4.

Have you already played the game once? Super, now you can restart and select from the main menu, "Extras" and select "bonus." Here you will find many cheat codes, with which you can make changes to Uncharted 4 from a total of 4 categories. Also during the second game, you can always access the cheats and change things. It is easily via the pause men to the point "bonus". You can find the below 4 categories:

1. Themes - Allow the activation of several new outfits for all characters in the game.
2. Rendering modes - This cheat can adjust many different photo filters. With these you can change the world in Uncharted 4 entirely: From rainbow up to the comic or 8-bit representation.
3. Weapons - with this cheat from the beginning you can unlock all the weapons.
4. Game Modification - here to hide the real cheats: Manipulate the game world as you like. How about, for example, with infinite ammo or complete weightlessness?

Unfortunately, the cheats are not free: you have to pay with activation points, granted from collecting objects:

- Treasures
- Journal Notes
- Journal Entries
- Optional conversations

So you have to first find these collectibles in order to use the cheat codes for Uncharted 4. Incidentally, the benefits of cheats will not affect earning trophies.

Cheat codes for game modifications

Cheat Code Description Unlock Point
4-Bit Audio  Play the sounds in 4 bits 5
8-Bit Audio Play the sounds in 8 Bit 5
Helium Audio All the characters speak in a high voice, kill them just inhaled helium. 5
No Gravity A game world in weightlessness. 5
Mirror On Death  After each death, the game world is even mirrored. 5
Mirror World Mirrored representation of the game world. 5
Infinite Ammo All weapons have infinite ammo. 10
Xenon Audio All characters have a deep voice. 5
Slow Motion The events in the game runs continuously in slow motion. 5
Bullet Speed Mode  Run in slow motion only in combat situations  5

Cheat codes for all weapons

You should note that the weapons you have to start with the handguns. But once you get a bigger gun from a defeated enemy, you will get the cheat for all other weapons. Grenade and rocket launchers are unlocked later in the game. All Force cheats cost you per 3 free switching points.


Aegis (9 mm)
normal gun
Para (caliber: 45)
Flintlock (old-fashioned model)

Machine Gun:

- MP34a


- Barok (caliber: 44)

Assault Rifle:

- AK-47
- ARX-160
- HS39
- Mettler M-30
- Copperhead SR7


- Fossa R-81


- Spezzotti caliber 12 3
- Condor

Sniper Rifle:

- Mazur LDR
- M14 Custom

Grenade Launcher:

- China Lake GL

Rocket Launcher:

- Bazooka

Cheat codes for photo filters and rendering modes

The fun photo filter you can receive for a single activation point per filter.

- Old-Fashioned
- Blue-Orange
- Elegant
- Inferno
- Cool
- Lively
- Noir
- Black-and-white
-  Sepia
- Warm

The remaining rendering modes cost you 5 each activation points. This refers to the following designs:

- 8-bit
- ASCII Mosaic
- comic
- Thief View
- Tricolor
- Beyond
- Chalk dust
- Negative
- Rainbow Country

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