Stellaris: cheat codes and console commands at a glance

In Stellaris, you travel around a galaxy full of wonders and mysteries. To make your journey through the universe a little easier, we have summarized for you some cheats and console commands that allow you valuable resources and can add or explore all planets via cheats or console commands.

To fully enjoy this game you have to invest a lot of time. The following cheats and console commands will facilitate you exploring different planets. Alternatively you can unlock all technologies or let you deliver a certain quantity of a material. To enter cheat codes or console commands, you open the game console via tilde key (~) or Shift + #.

Stellaris: Cheats for game console

Caution: Many console commands must be followed by a number. In order to better illustrate to you the correct entry, we increased the number 50 as an example. This can be replaced by the numbers 1 to 5,000. 

You can use the following cheats / commands:

Damage 50 - Featured ship receives 50 damage.
Debug_yesmen - AI agrees to all requirements.
Debug_nomen - AI rejects any request.
Engineering 50 - 50 points engineer added.
Finish_research - Clos all active research.
Influence 50 - 50 impact added.
AI - Turn AI on or off.
Cash 50 - Add 50 cash.
Resource 50 - 50 resources added.
Skills - Experience / Skill added.
Society 50 - 50 company added.
Surrender - You give in and agrees to all requirements.
Survey - All the planets are explored.
Instant_build - No resources consumed during construction .
Invincible - All units of your fleet are invisible.
Minerals 50 - 50 minerals added.
Nomouse - Turn the mouse wheel off.
Research_technologies - Unlock all technologies.
Control - Occupy planet cars. If there is no war with the owner of the planet, then the control is reversed.
Contact - The contact with all the enabled / disable
Crash - The game crashes
Desposits - Statistics for your deposits are displayed
Effect - An effect script is executed
Election - A Ruler, election starts
Fast_Forward 50 - Fast forward for a certain amount of days
Free_Government - Your government can change without time limit
Free_Politics - You can change the policy without restrictions. This includes the previous deactivation of politics.
Fullscreen - The full-screen mode is turned on
Help - Help documentation is printed for a command
Help Help - You get no help
Kill_country 01 - A particular country is eliminated
Kill_leader XY - A certain leader is killed
Kill_pop 01 - The current population is killed
Kill_ruler - The current leaders will be killed
Message - Each message type is displayed in the top bar
Path 0 1 - Find paths between the stars
physics 50 - Physics tech points are added
01 planet_class pc_tropical - Change the specified planet from the old class in the newly specified class
01 planet_happiness - The happiness is raised to the selected planet. This means there is a Buff + happiness on the planet. However, more than the maximum happiness does not exist.
01 planet_size 25 - The visual and the tile size of certain planets is increased to a size of 25 NOTE: In an extreme size can and will crash the game here
Planets - All types of planets and their amount are listed
Play - can Play another realm, by using the two-digit ID. 00 stands for the player kingdom and all kingdoms are then 01 and later
PP 50 - You get minerals
Random_ruler - Those in power is replaced with random rulers
Recalc_fleet_presence - The latch Fleet presence is calculated. This can be useful if you want to load the old memory status
Recource 50 - 50 resources are added
Volume - Control the music volume
War_on_player XY - Destination country is forced to the appropriate players to declare war

This Guide will be expanded as more cheat codes or console commands are available.

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