Volkswagen to introduce new Electric Car at Paris Motor Show

The Paris Motor Show, an important event for Volkswagen will starts in October. The Wolfsburg wants to unveil a new electric car for the masses, which is to build on the success of Golf and Beetle. Now, there are few images circulating on the web and that raise some questions.

At every Mass, even on the art exhibition CES in Las Vegas, the group emphasized the radical change of strategy, to environmentally friendly electric cars. The motto is: "Think New".

30 new VW models, which rely solely on electricity for the drive to roll in the next ten years on the roads. The key is to be the so-called "Modular Electrification Kit" (MEB).

On the Paris Motor Show (October 1 to 16), there will be seen not finished car but rather a concept. However, the production version of the model will be the first vehicle based on the MEB. An exact date as to when you can expect this car is still unknown.

The fact that the electric car is a full success with the public, you know obviously at Volkswagen before the first presentation. The announcement is full of superlatives and is not short compare to the legendary Beetle.

What is the range of the electric car? How much it will cost and how it will be called in the end? Overall that may just be speculated.