BMW reveals Motorrad Vision Next 100 Concept Study

A flexible frame, electric drive and several assistance systems: BMW has revealed a concept study on the motorcycle of the future.

BMW shows how the bike of the future could look. The concept vehicle has no rigid framework. It bends to change direction when steering. Joints and struts fall away. This would make the motorcycle more maneuverable. The flexible frame could work according to the principle of a speed-dependent servo control: in the stand, it is easy to steer, while at high speed, it guarantees a quiet ride through stiffness. To implement this, novel materials would be required.

The motorbike should remind you of the original model of BMW from 1923. The R32 had a black triangle, which is taken up again in the Vision Next 100. The framework links the front and rear wheel without bearings or joints. The bike is not disguised; bulges on the outside of the frame should provide wind and weather protection.

The engine of the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 looks like a classic box-type combustion engine, but it is supposed to be an electric motor. The outer lining of the engine should be driven out while driving and improve the aerodynamics.

The driver of the bike receives the necessary information via the head-up display, which is installed in his glasses, by means of many assistance systems which can be coordinated with other vehicles. Even the ideal line is shown in the Visor. BMW even believes that a helmet will become superfluous thanks to the high degree of networking and automation. However, this assumes that driving errors are always balanced and the rest of the traffic is perfectly matched to the motorcyclist.

Even the BMW wants to wants to revolutionize the motorcycle jacket and equip with internal airbags, and sensors should monitor the body temperature and pulse of the driver and provide a data base for the built-in air-conditioning system.