FIFA 17: 7 Clubs Challenge - Squad Building Challenge Tips

In FIFA 17, a new squad building challenge is live: the " Seven Club Challenge". We show you a possible solution for the task.

A new feature in FUT 17 is the squad building challenges, the SBCs. In this mode in the Ultimate Team, you can exchange your player cards for various prizes. All information about the SBCs in FIFA 17 you can read here.

These SBCs can be divided into the categories Live, Basic, Advanced and Leagues. While a few days ago, the "loyal boys" challenge was available, now for two days the "7-Clubs-Challenge" is a live SBC. What are the prerequisites and prices?

The Rewards of the 7-Clubs-Challenge

The price for this SBC is manageable: it is about 1000 coins and a single-player set. Since this challenge is not too challenging and can be met with your "remnant cards", the reward is probably appropriate.

These are the prerequisites

For this challenge you should build a defense and a midfield. A total of 7 players are needed, all of which belong to a different club. You need:

Three CBs
One LM
One RM
Two CMs

In addition:

- Different leagues: At least 5.
- Different nationalities: At least 5.
- Clubs: Exactly 7.
- Player Quality: All Gold.
- Team Chemistry: At least 39.

If you do not sell all players from your packs right now or place them on the transfer market, you should quickly find them in your club.

A possible solution

If you want to search for players on the transfer market in order to master this challenge, you can choose the following players:

LM: Steven Pienaar
CM: Aaron Mooy
CM: Adrien Rabiot
RM: Paul Lasne
CB: Daniele Gastaldello
CB: Emiliano Moretti
CB: Niko Bungert

These are quite good players, who meet all criteria. However, there are countless other combinations.

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