FIFA 17: Free Kicks - tutorial for perfect kick

What is actually a free kick? The referee penalizes team A with a free-kick for the opposing team B, if they have suffered a foul by team A or another rule offense. The free-kick takes place from the place where the foul or the regular offense took place. The player on the field does not make the important goal automatically. However, you have to master the free-kick technique in FIFA 17 to let the ball fly into the goal.

We have 6 different free-kick styles for you in this guide. There are different standards, which are influenced by factors such as the distance to the goal or the set-up of the opponents. The following values are important for your success: Free-kick precision, Craft, Effect.


This free kick is probably the most popular in the FIFA community, as it often leads to goals. Moreover, it is not too heavy in execution and can be applied reliably with a bit of practice.

- Optimal distance to the gate: 16 to 22 meters (just behind the penalty area). You could shoot the free-kick also from a far distance, but then the chance for a perfect shot is slightly less.
- Shot strength: 2 bar
- Aim: When aiming, the outer post between the two defenders should be at the outer edge. Hold the stick to the upper left.
- Important values: Effect and free-kick precision
- The free-throw free-kick is an almost unstoppable shot.
- You need a left foot when you shoot from the right side of the goal and a right foot when you shoot from the left side of the goal.
- In order for your player to go straight to the ball, you should pull the right stick to the left.
- To take more, just push the right stick backwards.


With the trick you should have the perfect distance of 16 to 20 meters. An incredible goal with very high difficulty. It takes a lot of effort, but this goal is probably one of the most spectacular in the game. Unfortunately, this is not very common.

- On the right side of the goal you need a right foot and on the left a left foot.
- Your player should be a 5-star Skiller.
- Also call a second shooter.
- Hold L2 / LT pressed and place the ball with X / A to your 5-star Skiller.
- Then use the following tricks: Rabona Fake (Hold R1 / RB and hold LS forward), Chest - Flick (hold L2 / LT pressed, hold LS and press 3 times RS), and hold down (L2 / LT and - Circle / B for The shot)

Free kick with pass combination (Dummy)

A very cool and surprising free-kick, which you can only perform from a distance of 16 to 20 meters.

- The shooter on the right should be a left foot and on the left a right foot so that he runs diagonally to the ball.
- Press L2 / LT to call a second shooter.
- Now hold down L2 / LT and press circle X / B A.
- This makes you a fake shot and your second shooter jumps over the ball.
- After that, you'll match the second shooter and then shoot with circle / B.

Power Free-kick

This free kick is very good when you are further away from the goal. At 32 to 40 meters this shot is still possible, but unfortunately very hard. The optimal distance is 25 to 32 meters.

- On the right side of the goal you need a right foot and on the left a left foot.
- Important values: force, flow, free-kick precision. These attributes should be over 80.
- Press the right stick twice to take more run-up.
- The outer post should be between the two outer defenders.
- Hold down the left stick and press the L1 / LB button.
- Shot strength: approx. Three bars.

Knuckleball Power-Free-kick

A novelty in FIFA 17. Again, you have the chance to hit 32 to 40 meters, but the optimal distance for the outside crack power free kick is 25 to 32 meters. This shot is blocked by the defense, giving it no chance to block it and the goalkeeper sees the ball much too late.

- On the right you need a left foot and a right foot on the left side.
- The shooter also needs very high values (at least 80) in free-kick precision and strength.
- Hold the right stick long to the left so that your player is in a line with the ball.
- Now press the right stick backwards to take more start.
- Target the outer post between the two inner defenders.
- Hold the left stick to the left and hold LB / L1 firmly while shooting.
- Shot strength: approx. 3 bars.

Dipping Free Kick

A very popular and well known variant of the free kick. A possible distance is 22 to 27 meters, but the optimal distance is 16 to 22 meters. With a little practice, you can hit almost every attempt with this shot. On the right you need a left foot and a right foot on the left side.

- On the right you need a left foot and a right foot on the left side.
- Important values: Free-kick precision and effect.
- The outer defender should be on a line with the outer post.
- Shot force: 1.5 to 2 bars.

Penalty in FIFA 17

The penalty has become more dynamic. You have now more possibilities to score. You can adjust the speed, start from different directions, or shoot the ball from multiple angles. We give you an example of the penalty:

- Select the starting direction and then press the left stick forward so your player starts to run.
- As soon as you start, you can turn target by changing the angle and the height of the shot.
- At the same time, you should use the circle / B key to determine the shot hardness.
- This gives you a better control, whether you want to shoot the ball into an upper corner or slowly enter it into one of the lower corners.
- Note that the firing bar will not fill until its start.

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