Tips for playing MyClub in PES 2017

PES 2017 is the latest entry in the popular football game franchise from Konami. The new title brings high end graphics, unprecedented realism and shows the series at its best. Among many improvements, MyClub mode stands out for its huge evolution and customization options. See the best tips to dominate the soccer field and lift the cup.

Objectives of the MyClub

Soon to start your journey through the virtual fields, click the field " MyClub Achievements" and check all the tabs. During the first few hours of play, there are a number of very simple goals that yield great rewards.

Some small activities such as play a game in Divisions mode, hire a coach or make a bid on the auction scouts yield dozens of valuable gold coins, which are essential for building a respectable team.

Save Coins and Buy a Good Coach

It is not easy to earn gold coins in PES 2017. As explained, the best time to accumulate money quickly without having to appeal to the infamous micro-transactions is at the very beginning of the game, when there are hundreds of easy challenges available.

So resist the temptation and avoid spending it too soon. After all, gold coins can be used to acquire the best technical of the game. The coach at the beginning of the campaign has limited capabilities. Therefore, it is advisable to switch to a new "coach" as soon as possible.

Live Football Art

PES 2017 rewards players willing to play with courage and joy. Most of the actions, whether kicks, crosses or dribbling, become a substantial gain of GPs when undertaken for the first time.

Enjoy the easiest games against the machine to try all those dribbles and passes more difficult effect to do. If you have questions or need inspiration, check out our Beginner’s guide and tips for playing PES 2017.

Keep An Eye On The Scouts

Pay special attention to the stars on the head of the avatar of each scout. After all, they determine the maximum quality of players in the market. For example, a scout with only three stars will not have access to quality ball and gold players with four or more stars are accessible to lookouts.

Also, combining two or more scouts make the results of your search reaches maximum, consistent players with the average of the scouts. That is, adding a scout four stars and other two stars, they will find players consistent with a three-star scout.

Make Loans Wisely

It will probably take a while until you can put together a team with players of the highest quality. This can be a problem both in the most difficult games against the machine as in online games, which are great the chances of facing great casts of rival veterans.

In this case, it's a good idea to spend some money by choosing the best possible players on loan. As the name makes clear, they are the team for extremely limited time, so do not even think of using a Messi or Buffon on loan in a game against the CPU in the lowest difficulty. Use the loans for really decisive matches!

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