PES 2017 Dribbling guide and tips

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is the latest entry in the football simulator series from Konami. The arrival of new flicks and the return of famous feints that were successful in previous versions, you can humiliate opponents and still go through the defense to score beautiful goals. Check out the main dribbles and learn how to execute them in PES 2017.

Fake Rabona

The Fake Rabona is the main novelty in PES 2017. When used it at the right time, the feint can fool players and make room for crosses or infiltrations in speed.

To use the Fake Rabona you must select a player with the ability "Rabona". With the moving player, you press the shot button, and then quickly pass. It is important that you don’t move the left stick while dribbling, or it may not work.

 Fake Rabona, gif


Embaixadinhas officially return to PES 2017 and now you can perform much longer, especially for more skilled players.

To make embaixadinhas is easy. While the player is moving, click and hold the right stick to keep the player controlling the ball in the air. You can also move sideways with the left stick.


McGeady Spin

One of the most efficient and beautiful dribbling competitor, Fifa, the bid is inspired by one of the middle movements Aiden McGeady, who works for the Irish national team. The feint is much easier to perform and should become one of the most used in online play of the game.

To make McGeady Spin, choose a player with Marseille Roulette skill. With the player moving, completely rotate the right analog stick and then press the left analog stick to one side.

McGeady Spin, gif


One of the most controversial techniques is back in PES 2017. Fake Dive is a risky option, but that can guarantee a lot of advantage in some matches with dangerous fouls, cards for opponents and even penalties.

 Dive, gif

To use, with the player moving, simultaneously press the buttons:

Playstation: L1 + L2 + L3 + R2 + R3

Xbox: LB + LT + RT + LS + RS

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