PES 2017 beginner’s guide / useful tips

In PES 2017, passes are more accurate and difficult to perform, while attempt to infiltration speed are increasingly rare and complex. The secret to perfect every aspect of the game is to train and be patient. If you need help to improve your gameplay in PES 2017 ? Then check out our beginner’s guide bellow:

With the pass system changes in PES 2017, complete the touch ball without being disarmed or intercepted is even more difficult and requires special attention from the players. It is important to use the left stick and hold the pass button for longer.

Try the technique in some matches to get used to the changes. For long passes, the manual aiming option works even better (hold the left trigger) and can create clear chances to score.

Control your game pace

In search of more like matches with the real sport, PES 2017 bet on a rate of more cadenced game.

To get good possession and more scoring chances, avoid holding the run button for a long time, either in attack or defense. This makes your players easy targets for defenders.

Use Feint and Through Passes

With the new focus on passing and possession, the feint is even more important tools to ensure a good performance of your team. With this move (fake Rabona) it is to open spaces and have beautiful infiltrations from behind the defenders.

Another good option is Through Ball, using triangle (PlayStation) or Y (Xbox), abusing the speed of your players and open spaces in the defense of the opponents. Just control the power of the pass and the direction using the left analog.

Press the opponents to get the ball

Before relatively rare, the ball stolen in defensive field are much more common in PES 2017, and promises to be one of the most effective strategies to catch opponents by surprise and score goals.

To help in your recovery, hold the shot button and move simultaneously while without the ball. This will cause two players put pressure on the opponent with the ball, forcing him to make unfavorable moves.

Manually Position your defenders

To protect yourself in the back, the best option is to position your defensive players manually. This way is much easier to cover open space and intercept opponent’s passes.

To change the control of the players quickly, use the right analog stick, with quick touch towards the player who you want to position. The tactic is not the easiest, but it will make you more secure.

Vary your attacks

One of the main new features of PES 2017 were adjustments in artificial intelligence, to "absorb" the style of play during matches and is positioned differently to avoid too repetitive moves.

Appealing constantly crosses or high balls may seem like a good idea, but quickly opponents may tackle your move - and will much less efficient. To avoid this, always try to attack from different sides.

Gauge the strength of your shots

In PES 2017, shots are responsible for the changes on the scoreboard and should be treated with much care by the players. When compared to shots from previous versions of the game, the final touch of PES 2017 are somewhat weaker and realistic.

To ensure advantage over the goalkeepers, we need to put a little more force kicks. Do this by holding the shoot button for a short additional time. Take aim using the left analog stick is also essential to score many goals.

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