FIFA 17 new Dribbling techniques / Celebrations guide

The demo version of the FIFA 17 is available now and the fans can try out the game on Xbox Live, PSN, and Origin. In addition to enhanced graphics and gameplay and career mode, FIFA 17 also brings new dribbling and celebrations. It is easy to implement and very efficient, the moves join dozens of other options, leaving the title even more complete. For fans of provocation, some celebrations are also available, including funny and relaxed versions. Check out the guide of how to use the new features of FIFA 17.


Okocha Sombrero Flick (Standing)

New option for players with five stars dribble, the Sombrero Flick is easy to perform, and can create beautiful dribble. To perform the move just completely stop the player and hold the right stick forward (towards the chest of the player).

Stepover  - Neymar

In addition to the more traditional moves, FIFA 17 also offers a new version, inspired by playmaker Barcelona, exclusive to players with five stars dribble.

To use the Stepover, move the right analog stick to the right or left, and then immediately forward (toward the chest of the player). It is important to be with the player stopped.

Fake Pass Exit

The new dribbling technique can be performed by players with four or five stars dribbling and works especially well in crowded areas. It's possible to get out of marking and gain advantage

To use the dribble, completely stop the player, hold R2 / RT, make a "cut" (kick button and then the pass) and move the left stick to one of the diagonals.



After a goal, hold L1 / LB and move the right analog stick down twice.

Big Man

Hold L1 / LB and then hold the right analog stick to the right.

Floor Spin

Hold L1 / LB and then rotate the right analog stick.


Hold R1 / RB and then press triangle / Y twice.

Lebron James

Hold R1 / RB and press circle / B twice.

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