Top Dribblers in FIFA 17

EA has revealed the top 10 dribblers on its latest football simulation game FIFA 17. Unlike what many think, have a high number in "Dribbling" does not necessarily mean that your player is a better dribbler. The attribute value shows the ability of the player on keeping the ball glued to foot in the game and in the directions of the goal.

If you want the player take dribbles, feints and make frills, you need to observe the star’s skill moves.

Returning to the "Dribbling" the biggest jumps were Riyad Mahrez and Neymar Jr. Thanks to the amazing English title Leicester, the Algerian received an upgrade to eight points over his first from FIFA 16 and got 88 and the Brazilian jumped from 92 to 95.

The duo Ribéry and Robben lost many games this season due to injuries and advanced age and both lost dribbling points but still in the Top 10.

The surprise is on account of Mario Götze, who participated in only 21 games in the European season. Even with another pretty bad season, the German kept on 89 dribbles, a number on the FIFA 15 is 16.

Check the list:

Riyad Mahrez (FIFA 17: Mahrez rose from 80 to 88 dribbling)

Sergio Agüero (FIFA 17: Agüero kept dribbling 89)

Mario Gotze (FIFA 17: Götze also kept 89 dribbling)

Franck Ribéry (FIFA 17: Ribéry fell from 91 to 90 dribbling)

Arjen Robben (FIFA 17: Robben fell from 92 to 90 dribbling)

Paulo Dybala (FIFA 17: Dybala rose from 87 to 90 dribbling)

Eden Hazard (FIFA 17: Hazard fell from 92 to 91 dribbling)

Cristiano Ronaldo (FIFA 17: Ronaldo rose from 90 to 91 dribbling)

Neymar (FIFA 17: Neymar rose from 92 to 95 dribbling)

Lionel Messi (FIFA 17: Messi rose from 95 to 96 of dribbling)

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