FIFA 17: New features and improvements over FIFA 16

What's new in FIFA 17? Very much! There are changes in all possible areas. Also in the gameplay that the gamer is to facilitate the game and bring more fun. So there is new and changed in these areas:

Standard Situation
Player Intelligence
Physical play
Moves and tricks with the ball
Frostbite Engine

Improvements in the Standard Situations in FIFA 17

The player now has much more freedom. If there is a penalty or a free kick, then the player can move to any point. Here you can let him run back and forth, send him backward and then release either run on the football slowly or quickly. It is the same at the ball.

Regarding the corner kicks, there is a new feature waiting for you. With a yellow cursor you can control the corner joints yourself.

In addition, players are now much smarter in their behavior in the penalty.

FIFA 17 builds a refinement and improvement in the player intelligence

The player intelligence has been ratcheted up, so that they can analyze the pitch and the rooms there much better. This makes them smarter decisions in the game. Particularly benefit from this, the offensive players, because they then circulate their defenders cleverly and so can play out opportunities that would have not given before. A clumsy straight by storm no longer exists now.

Furthermore, the player now adapt to given situations. If you get the tactics, the players run, without stopping in the middle of their running motion.

Players in defense also act smarter. So they can cover empty space better. Since the player intelligence in 16 FIFA had not yet matured to the right, EA Sports has now properly retrofitted with FIFA 17. Since players are now running in those areas in which already reside other footballers, the physical interaction has vastly improved.

Modernization of the physical game

The reaction of virtual football on physical contact with counterparties is now sharpened. So there will be balance mechanisms, reflect the very realistic interactions in interaction with other footballers. Players who are currently in possession, now recognize and respond approaching players on the pitch. Then he turns the other player in the way and you can better defense him.
In addition, you can look forward to new, great animations with the footballers. Also in terms of dispossession, there are interesting situations here.

FIFA 17 brings innovations in tricks and moves with the ball

FIFA 17 brings you new moves. In fact, there should be three times as many animations as in FIFA 16. This applies to:

Drop Kicks

Even shallow goal kicks are now possible.

Modern FIFA 17 - Now comes with the Frostbite Engine

EA Sports has now use the Frostbite engine in FIFA 17, as even in games like Battlefield is the case or Need for Speed. This form of calculation of graphics and physics now allow hopefully whole new way of sports simulation.

Everything will now look in more detail and finer. So the movements of football will be better and smoother. Hair, eyes, and facial features are more real than ever before.

In addition to improvements and innovations in gameplay, FIFA 17 also brings exciting new content with it. These include the following:

- Story Mode: You're Alex Hunter and play in single player mode, the story of the young Kickers. Here your choices affect the career of the Premier League footballer.
- Trainer: All 20 Premier League coaches are now available in FIFA 17
- Ultimate Team Mode: It is not yet officially confirmed, but perhaps you can look forward to a new Ultimate Team mode, which bears the name FUT 5-a-side. This could be a modified FIFA Street mode.
- Exercises are now second playable in charge mode.
- Women's football teams: even women's football is now available in FIFA 17 - which is now confirmed. Therefore, the following organizations could include Arsenal, Orlando Prode, Liverpool and Boston Breakers. And that's for sure, we have the Norwegian national player Andrine Hegerberg can already see in the motion capture.
- New leagues: There will possibly be some new leagues. Confirmed festival is so far the Japanese League J1. The Chinese League CSL has managed the new FIFA 17 but according to a survey by Fifa Play gamers want to include the Turkish PTT League, the Israeli League, the Egyptian League, the Hungarian League, the third Bundesliga or the third Spanish league.

The situation is similar in terms of Champions League. Thus, the Japanese computer and video player manufacturers and publishers Konami has secured thereto the rights.

New feature "Pro Clubs" 

Recently, another innovation has become known: The Pro Clubs is among the new features. This is a player development system, which is actually based on the feedback of FIFA fans. This is a completely new personalization and individualization of individual adjustment options such as the kits and badges is now possible. What's new in Pro Clubs:

Player development: In FIFA 17 you can adjust to a complete transformation of player development. In the center, there are now the teamwork and cooperation, which in turn strengthens and reflects its proximity to the real-life soccer. This is due to the introduction of a game score as a whole.

- Game Score: If a game ends, there is a game score, in which the individual attributes, such as sprinting or shooting, are broken. Here, the position is critical, depending on where you play, also the different aspects develop differently. This means that you now have to keep an eye on your progress constantly. How and how quickly your players develop? That you can find out now using the Game Score.

- Features: There are now even more features that you can choose. During a game (league and cup games) you can collect skill points and then have them strengthen certain properties. The properties include, for example, the shooting, passing, pace, physique, dribbling, goalkeeping and defending. The adaptation of the characteristics of your player's responsibility is entirely depends on your decision. As in other games you have to accumulate a certain number of skill points to develop the respective properties. So you have to really think about how you distributed these points.

- Kits and Crests: Many will rejoice on the personalization / customization of of coat of arms and jerseys in FIFA 17. There should be a total of 24 shirt templates in which you still can set respectively the primary, the secondary and the tertiary color - so you can create you distinctive jerseys and adapt them to suit the character of your opponent. In addition to individual jersey you now have the opportunity to design a coat of arms. Again, there are templates and you can select the primary color and the crest shape and design - deny that you no longer can the love and belonging to a particular club well

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