FIFA 17: when and how to make best dribbles

Despite a good strategy, physical and playful superiority, there is no passing through a defensive line. Sometimes only a one-on-one action helps. But it takes dribbling. Therefore, best dribbling moves are worth on the real lawn as well as on the virtual soccer field. FIFA 17 comes packed with features, complete with dozens of dribbles to humiliate opponents and gain advantage during matches.

Easily performed using the right analog stick, the dribbles are separated into several categories, from the simplest to the most daring versions, which are exclusive to players like Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo. Check out the guide and learn how to make the most efficient dribbles in FIFA 17.

Fake Shot

Present for decades in football games, the "Fake Shot" has guaranteed space in the hearts of fans, and remains very relevant and useful today. With it, the player pretends to kick the ball and executes a cut to the diagonal, allowing run or kick unmarked.

To use this dribble technique press the shot button, and then press the pass button quickly. The dribble can be performed by all players, including a goalkeeper.

Step Over - Left / Right

Characteristic movement of players of great skill, the Step Over can yield beautiful gols, and still leave room for passes and infiltrations. The move can be used with players standing or moving.

To use the Step Over, move the right or left analog stick forward and then rotate it to the upper diagonal quickly.

Heal Flick / Chop

Dribble while running at high speed is a complicated task in FIFA 17, but there are good options to keep control of the ball and deceive the opponents without curl. With this feint, the player will hit the ball at his feet and could accelerate again.

To use this feint hold LT / L2 and then perform a cut (press the shot button and then the pass).

Berba/McGeady Spin

Dribbling may seem a simple eye candy, but it is one of the most efficient and versatile options for FIFA 17. With it, you can protect the ball and still go through opponents without giving chance to tackles.

To use McGeady Twist you need to control a player with at least four dribbling stars (Messi, Benzema, Suárez, Bale, Hazard, Rooney). Move the right analog stick forward and then quickly to one side to make the athlete to turn in that direction.

Roulette - Left/Right

Another traditional and effective option to beat opponents is Roulette spin / turning 360 degrees, which takes disarm attempts of opponents to leave them behind. To achieve it you need to control a player with at least three stars dribble.

Make a full turn with the right analog stick. This is a nice option to pass two players without losing the ball, or even dig faults near the area.

Advanced Rainbow

This dribble has caused controversy in football, but remains one of the most interesting alternatives in FIFA 17. Exclusive players with four or more stars of dribbling, the Rainbow can be lethal if performed at the right time.

To perform this dibble move the right analog stick back and then twice to the front quickly. You can do the standing or walking dribble.

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