Add Your Own Music to Planet Coaster

You just bought a Roller Coaster theme park simulation and wanted to add your own songs? This is no problem in Planet Coaster. In just a few steps, you can let every ride in your theme park become your personal jukebox.

Before we show how you add your own music into the game, you need to consider something. Own songs can only be set at the rides and with loudspeakers in the theme park. So you cannot adjust individual music in the menu, etc. In addition, your music doesn’t affect the mood of the guests.

So do the following to listen to your own music in Planet Coaster:

- End the game and open the following folder on your PC: Documents\Frontier Developments\PlanetCoaster\UserMusic.
- Copy your favorite music here.
- Restart the game and click on a park speaker or a ride.
- In the drop-down menu you have to select the song.
- You can also adjust the volume.

You must pay attention to your own songs

The own music is slightly quieter than the menu music. However, in the settings, you can make various changes to the volume. In addition, the music doesn’t work with triggered loudspeakers, which listen to certain trigger points on a roller coaster.

Unfortunately, not all music files in the game work. According to developers, your music should be MP3 or OGG. Some players don’t use MP3 files, but WAV songs. So try some songs out. If you want to listen to Planet Coaster's music without starting the game, we recommend the following Spotify Playlist: