Final Fantasy 15: dungeons locations / unlock doors guide

Final Fantasy 15 (FF15) offers many features that fit your adventurous trip. There are many ways to explore the world of Final Fantasy 15. Whether you're on foot, on a Chocobo or in a convertible, our guide / tips will help you discover the world of Eos together with Prince Noctis and his companions Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto. Inn this guide we will show you the locations of all dungeons that you encounter during your journey and also reveal how you can open the locked doors at the end of some dungeons.

Dungeons are the biggest challenge in FFXV, so you cannot save your game in them and you have to start over from the beginning. Small tip: You can teleport and save in a dungeon via the map menu. The enemies are still dead, but a trip to these dangerous areas is worthwhile.

FF XV: Dungeon Locations

The dungeons sometimes differ significantly from one another and you have to bring appropriate level requirements in order to have a chance at all. Some of them can only be entered at night. When you enter a dungeon, an associated side quest is added to your trip. Always turn the quest on, so you can see their waypoints. Otherwise, you can easily get lost in the spacious areas.

Keycatrich Trench: You Visit there automatically during Chapter 2.
Greyshire Glacial Grotto: Visit there automatically during Chapter 3.
Fociaugh Hollow Dungeon: Visit it automatically during Chapter 6.
Steyliff Grove: You Visit there automatically during Chapter 7.
Daurell Caverns Dungeon: Recommended Level 28
The Rock of Ravatogh: Recommended Level 30
The Myrlwood: Recommended Level 35
Malmalem Thicket: Recommended Level 35
Crestholm Channels: Recommended Level 50
Balouve Mines: Recommended Level 50
Costlemark Tower: Recommended Level 55
Pitioss-Ruins: Level does not matter, but you must first unlock the Regalia Type-F, otherwise you cannot enter the dungeon.

The first four dungeons that you visit during the story are relatively straightforward and there are no important things you should consider. In the case of the optional dungeons, this is different, so we will give you some useful tips on the trickiest areas.

Daurell Caverns Dungeon (Lvl 28)

- You reach this dungeon from the road north of the entrance and the tunnel.
- Level 28 is the minimum level, but there are also enemies at level 40.
- The dungeon consists of a huge cave and you can also fish here.
- Make sure that the associated side-quest is active, so that your way-marks are obtained, since the dungeon is quite confusing.

The Rock of Ravatogh (Lvl 30)

- In this area, you will find mainly smaller enemies and the focus is more on the exploration of the dungeon.
- You must climb to the top of a volcano, at the end of which a royal tomb awaits you.

The Myrlwood: (Lvl 35)

- Two relatively short dungeons.
- At the end, you will be met by a miniboss.
- Here, too, you find at the end a royal tomb with one of the royal weapons.

Crestholm Channels: (Lvl 50)

- The entrance is relatively well hidden. Look for a hole in the fence near the symbol on the map. Walk down the stairs and you come to a ladder that leads down into the dungeon.
- A long high-level dungeon, which is best to do after the end of the story.
- You must activate four control panels here in order to finally reach the boss of the dungeon.

Balouve Mines (Lvl 50)

- A mine with various ramifications and levels. You have to go three times with an elevator and at the end activate a hidden mechanism in the wall to get to the royal tomb.
- In this dungeon there is only a strong level 50 enemy. The rest of the opponents are all level 7 and easy to kill. On the easy difficulty level, you can do the dungeon relatively early in the game thanks to auto-re-breathing.
- At the end of the dungeon, you'll find a locked door. As you open it, read the last paragraph below

Costlemark Tower (Lvl 55)

- You can only enter Ingame time at 8pm after night.
- The most difficult dungeon in the game with many opponent groups.
- In one place you come to floorboards, which you must activate and use as elevators. There follow a labyrinth, where you must fight many enemies one after the other.
- Do not hit the red buttons on the ground, or you will be teleported back to the beginning of the dungeon.
- In the end, a tough boss who is wearing one of the royal weapons awaits you.
- This dungeon can take 2-3 hours and you should take 99 healing picks if you play on normal difficulty.

Pitioss Ruins (Level does not matter)

- You can only get there when you finish the story and unlock the Regalia Type-F.
- Then go between 21 and 5 clock to Lestallum and here in the east of the city.
- Here, there is a window with which you can interact, which finally starts a quest.
- Now follow the quest and you will end up in front of the entrance of the dungeon.
- In the dungeon itself there are no enemies, but you have to pave the way through a labyrinth, which will put your orientation to the test.

Open the locked doors at the end of dungeons

In the various dungeons, caves and ruins, you will surely notice the large closed bunker doors that block you. These lead to secret finalgame dungeons, which represent the ultimate challenge in Final Fantasy XV. To open the locked doors, you must proceed as follows.

- End all chapters of the story and create a new save when prompted.
- Download this game and you can return to the open game world via the dog Umbra.
- If not yet done, complete the four dungeons Balouve Mines, Crestholm Channels, Daurell Caverns, and Costlemark Tower.
- Go to the HQ of the Meldacio hunters in the north of the map. Just southeast of the Steyliff Grove dungeon.
- Here you can now talk to the old woman on the chair on a porch, which should also be marked as a quest.
- In the conversation you now get the key for all eight locked doors from her.
- In addition, eight new quests will be added to your journal, leading you to the individual doors.

Behind the doors, the hardest dungeons await you with the most difficult opponents. Here you will spend a few hours, if you want to destroy them, but also get the best equipment in the game. The level requirements for each endgame dungeon are as follows.

- Keycatrich – Level 55
- Grotto – Level 65
- Fociaugh – Level 65
- Daurell – Level 72
- Balouve – Level 78
- Steyliff – Level 86
- Crestholm – Level 92
- Costlemark – Level 99