Find and Catch all Pocket Monsters in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Among all the Pocket Monsters in Pokémon Sun and Moon, there are legendary Pokémon who are particularly difficult to catch. The same is true for Shiny Pokémon. This does not mean that all the other Pokémon are common. Some of them are difficult to find, and you have to fulfill some prerequisites so you can get them into the Poké balls.

To catch a Pokémon, first you must throw a Pokéball and weaken it a bit. Browse through high grass and you can spot wild Pokémon. It attacks a little, since it is easier to catch with a little HP. Drop a Pokéball and you have a good chance to catch the Pokémon. However, some of the Pocket Monsters are only available through small and big extras. The Poké balls are obtained in different grades and properties, all over the Alola Islands.

Fossil Pokémon

In KoniKoni City you should visit the Stone Shop there you’ll meet an old man and have the choice between a Skull Fossil and a Cover Fossil. Make your choice carefully, since you can only choose one fossil. Once you have enough money you can buy the second. On Route 8, you can visit the Pokémon Center and walk past the forest. After a while you meet someone who can raise you fossils. From this you get Cranidos and Tirtouga.


The popular rock Pokémon Rockruff can be found on Mele Mele Island. You must defeat the arena leader and gain access to an area with a Poké lab. Before that you have to smash a few stones and get into a cave. Search the cave for high grass, where you find Rockruff.


This Pokémon is a free gift during the launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon. Go to the menu and select the mysterious gift. In a Pokécenter, speak with the person next to the healing station and she will give you the Munchlax.

Catch Special Pokémon

Not all Pokémon can be found anywhere in the grasses. For some, you have to go a little further or meet certain conditions, which can even mean the end of the Alola league.

Cosmog - Lake of the Sunne
- Lake of the Moone 
- Become Alola Champion.
- Complete the main story.
- Enter the portal at the  Lake of the Sunne (Sun).
- Go to the top of the Platform at the Lake of the Moon.
Evoli - Pokémon Ranch
- Close to villages
Searching for high grasses.
OneDrive - Mele mele Island
- Route 1, Hau’oli City
- Start a Pichu on Route 1 and develop it further.
- Before you go to Mele-Mele Island for the festival, you can see high grass on the stairs.
- There you have the chance to catch Pikachu.