GTA 5 Online: Unlock Tron Bike Shotaro - guide

The latest GTA 5 Online DLC Bikers brings a new Tron Style bike. In the Bikers-DLC, you can become the boss of a motorcycle club and start cool activities. In addition, you can earn a lot of money from GTA 5 Online by trading with illegal goods. With the money earned you can buy various vehicles that were published in the course of this DLC.

If you want to be on the streets of Los Santos as an MC, the Nagasaki Shotaro is just the right choice for you. However, this bike will cost you over 2 million GTA $. As already mentioned, you can probably pay with your illegal business without problems. If you still lack the necessary "small money" for this motorbike or other content from GTA 5 Online, then you can also earn several million dollars as CEO.

The motorbike is available on Legendary Motorsport after you unlock it. If you have enough money, you should definitely consider buying this jewel. For fans of the Tron films this bike is an absolute must have!

Unlock Tron Bike Shotaro

If you've looked into Legendary Motorsport's shop and could not find the bike, it's because you have to unblock it. This is not as difficult as it sounds. You only have to play the new enemy mode, which you can start directly in the main menu of GTA 5 Online. Just select the enemy mode "Deadline" to enter the queue for this game mode. For this you get currently even twice as much RP and GTA $.

GTA 5 Online, Tron Bike Shotaro, Guide

In Deadline mode, 4 players are playing on a map. Everyone drives a Nagasaki Shotaro and can activate a deadly jet, which is drawn as a lane behind. If one touches one of these jets with his motorcycle, one loses one of his two lives. You should not drive over your own beam, because this also destroys your motorcycle and makes you a life. If you have completed this mode (regardless of the position), the Shotaro unlocks in Legendary Motorsport. You can then buy it, as usual, by mobile phone via the appropriate website.

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