GTA Online (DLC) FAIFAF: guide to become a CEO

With the new DLC "Further Adventures in Finance and Felony" (FAIFAF) for GTA 5 Online you get the opportunity to become a CEO. In the previous DLC "Executives and Other Criminals," you already experienced the VIP status. But here CEO sounds out be much more powerful, so nothing like ran, elbow and brings you the place of the bosses.

How to Become a CEO in GTA Online: FAIFAF

First of all, you need a lot of money if you want to become a CEO in GTA Online. Here are some useful tips to become a successful CEO:

- Go to the website Dynasty8 Executive.
- Here, there are four offices / buildings available for selection, the cheapest one cost you one million.
- There are additional options that need more money. A table with all the additional options can be found below.
- Once you have your new building / office properly equipped, you just need to confirm the purchase - in this way you can become a new CEO in GTA Online.

On the map you see a skyscraper icon. This shows your new office building, which you can enter as CEO now. The following offices are available to select:

Maze Bank West - $ 1,000,000
Arcadius Business Centre - $ 2,250,000
Lombank West - $ 3,100,000
Maze Bank Tower - $ 4,000,000

As CEO of GTA Online, you can determine the name and the layout yourself. In addition, you can recruit an assistant who takes over some tasks for you. These additional options can add to the office:

Executive Rich - Free
Executive Cool - $ 415,000
Executive Contrast - $ 500,000
Old Spice Hot - $ 950,000
Old Spice Classical - $ 685,000
Old Spice Vintage - $ 760,000
PowerBroker Ice - $ 1,000,000
PowerBroker Conservative - $ 835,000
PowerBroker Polished - $ 910,000
Gun Cabinet - $ 520,000
Safe - $ 335,000
Apartment - $ 795,000

If you became a CEO then you can have the helicopter Volatus and a helipad free for you. In your office you can also play the TV game "Do not Cross The Line", but above all you can access the SecuroServ logistics network on the PC.


Here you must also put your skills to the test as CEO and manage the purchases. Here are few tips:

- Goods are bought and sold only on special missions.
- Buying missions: These are available in three different levels, depending on the amount of goods and of the risk that you wish to take. The higher the risk you take, the higher the profit you get.
- Sales missions: Here you must weigh your offers and provide transport to the buyer. The higher your offer, the greater the demand - but beware of competitors who will do everything possible to prevent your sales.

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