Guide on how to use magic and spells in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is full of magic and sorcery, which is rarely used. Yet it is very exciting and it's worth to try at least. To use magic and spells in Dark Souls 3 you have to equip withv special weapons. That depends on what kind of magic you decide. In addition, you have much to learn. Here in our guide we show you the basics of magic.

Dark Souls 3 - types of magic

In total there are three different types of magic. The following table shows you what kind of magic there in Dark Souls 3 and which tool you need for:

- Magic: Rods or accelerators
- Wonder: Talismans or Holy bells
- Pyromancy - Pyromancy Flame

In the course of Dark Souls 3, you will find magic tools that allow you different types of magic to use. Here, the advantage is that you no longer need to switch between them, if you want to use a different kind of magic. The blue bar below your life bar indicates how many FP features. You can use ash Estus flacons to fill the bar again and increase sorcery so that they will become longer. In addition, the number of your spell slots increase.

A wand of the magician or a talisman can buy 500 souls at the beginning of Dark Souls 3. The Pyromancy Flame unfortunately there until later in the game, at Cornyx from the great marsh. Did you find him, he follows you to firelink shrine, where he is your Pyromancy Trainer. If you have decided on miracles, then you have to find the miracle teacher Irina of Carim.

For the arcane magic is responsible Teacher Orbeck of Vinheim. First they bring you with useful basic spell, but then tomes and scrolls demand in exchange for new spells. But also look over at the Shrine Maiden, they too can be used with simple magic and sorcery.
What is the mood of Magic?

Do you have your magic tool fitted on the off-hand, here you can also equip your spells. Follow the steps in the list in order to attune the magic.

- Do you have selected the item attune magic, you can see how many spells you can equip the same time.
- Among the magic and spells that you have learned in Dark Souls 3. Are those marked with a red cross, then it means that you have not met all the conditions to use these spells. Generally it helps increase the attributes intelligence, faith or sorcery.
- The charm and magic that can already use, you must now assign slots. In this way your magic weapons are equipped with these spells and you can apply them.

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