Dark Souls 3: Souls Locations / best farm areas

With souls you can get almost anything in Dark Souls 3. With them you can ascend in level, you have the opportunity to buy new items from stores or even your equipment, including weapons upgrade with Andre, the blacksmith. Therefore, you should farm many souls as soon as possible in order to survive in the dark worlds of Dark Souls 3. This guide shows you the best farm spots of the game, where you can farm many souls.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring ensures more souls farming

Those who know the most productive farm spots in Dark Souls 3 can greatly simplify the gameplay. But there is also a certain item that will help you in this, that defeated opponents dispose to you even more souls, as normal: The Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. This can be found in the firelink shrine. However, you have this once you farm some normal souls because you have to go to the ring, first enter in the tower behind the firelink shrine: There, the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring is hidden. The tower key however, costs 20,000 souls. You will receive it at the Shrine Maiden.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring Location

If you have bought the tower key then go into the tower and go up. Now jump from the tower on the roof of the firelink shrine. There you would have find a hole in the wall where you can reach the upper support beams of firelink shrine. Cross it slowly and smash the illusion wall, which is located on one of the sides.

Other bars appear, need to cross them. Then go down on the elevated corridor behind the throne King Lothrics. There you will find a box, the right side of passage, in which there is a Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. Now you are well prepared to go to Soul Hunting.

The best farming areas

Secret Area: farm 15,000 souls in 60 seconds

To get to the 15,000 souls, you should definitely go to the secret area. Start best from bonfire "Dragon Mausoleum" after you have beaten the old dragon in battle. Go into the room where a magician always summons a knight. You can go behind the knight during the summoning phase and surprised him with a solid stab in his back (Backstab). Basically you can defeat him quickly. But it is of course also depends on your weapon. For this you will receive a total of 4,000 souls.

But that's not all, because as long as you don’t kill the magician who is seeking the first floor of the building, it is repeatedly knight summon that can blow it and every time he gives you 4,000 souls. Of course there is a bonus Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. But you can also farm more souls roughly estimated 15,000 souls in 60 seconds.

Lothric Castle: farm 40000 souls in 3 minutes

If you want to farm 40,000 souls very quickly, then Lothric castle is the right place for you. You must ensure that you fight your way to the top. So go through the Grand Archives. Before you approach the long bridge, turn instead to left. Go up the stairs and walk over the roof up to a roundabout. But careful, because here you will find enemies: three flying knights. They jump down and attack you.

Again, it comes naturally to your weapon at how quickly you can take these knights. Here you can collect 13,000 souls, with Covetous Silver Serpent Ring you can farm around the 40,000 souls and it only takes about 3 minutes.

By the way: If you defeat these winged knights, then you can also have the item snag "Titanite Slab". With this object, you have the option of your arms to be set to the highest level +10 and also to strengthen them.

Catacombs of Carthus: Can farm many souls from skeletons on a rickety suspension bridge

Bonfire "High Lord Wolnir"

With this method, you don’t even have to swing your sword: If you are not yet progress far in the game, then you should defeat the High Lord Wolnir in the catacombs of Carthus. Then go back to the suspension bridge and enter it. Now you will encounter many skeleton warriors storming towards you who must necessarily draw on the bridge. Move slowly back until the bridge is full of skeletons. Now cut the rope to the suspension bridge, which is now plunging into the depths, get your souls credited to your account.

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