Find All Keys / Key Locations in Dark Souls 3

In Dark Souls 3, you have to find a lot of keys, which open you the way to hidden items, rooms and other hidden secrets. You will frequently stand in front of a closed door and wonder how you’ll be able to open it. The answer is usually you have to find the key. In our guide, we will show you the locations of all important keys in Dark Souls 3.

- Prison Key
- Elevator Room Key
- Sewer Chamber Key / Grave Key
- Dungeon Cell Key
- Barred Window Key
- Old Cell key
- Grand Archives Key
- Tower Key

Prison Key

The prison key is described as "key to the cell with thieves and similar occupant". Since Lothric is overflowing with thieves, they are locked up in a prison. To find the Prison Key go as follows:

- At bonfire go to the High Wall of Lothric then you take the spiral staircase down and go into space.
- Take the next step and go down another level.
- Go out through the archway and almost down the ladder.
- Make your way to the roof, where the undead worshiping figures.
- On the roof go straight through until you reach a ladder down.
- Now you can enter the building. Defeat the knights and run on through until you find a room with lots of tables, chairs and barrels.
- Go down the stairs, there you will attack a dog.
- Then you will come to a dead end and will find a corpse at the foot of the stairs, there you will find the prison keys.

Elevator Room Key

In Dark Souls 3, you will reach an elevator that you can not open. For this you need the elevator room key. Do you want to unsubscribe PvP, then you need the Red eyeball. For this you need to open the elevator and go down. Kill the spirit of darkness to get the item. Go as follows in order to find the key to the elevator:

- Help Siegward in the undead settlement to defeat the fire demon. This way you can get the item.
- Go to the Firelink Shrine and speak again with Leonard until he sends you a Quest to the elevator and you order over the key.

Sewer Chamber Key / Grave Key
There is a closed sewer in the undead settlement that has to open with a key to get in. This key is grave key and leads to the "grave, visited no longer". Here you find the dark miracle teacher Irina of Carim. So that you find the key to the sewer and you can gain access to the grave, you have the ashes of the undertaker pass to the Shrine servant. Then, the key to sewers appears in the inventory and costs you only 1,500 souls.

Dungeon Cell Key

The key to the dungeon of Irithyll is a ring on which are mounted three keys. This object is called the key of the guard and opens some cells in the dungeon. There you will find numerous creatures. The key need you to get a Rusty gold coin and the ashes of the prison director and to free the witch Karla. The key to the dungeon can be found as follows:

- After prison, the wicked capital, you enter a large poisonous swamp. There you will find a large building with a hall inside.
- Right on the building there is a ladder that leads upwards - climb.
- Go around to the left and around the building until you come across a stairs.
- Take the stairs up until you have arrived in the dungeon of Irithyll.
- Go left down the corridor and in the dead end you’ll find the key to the dungeon.

Barred Window Key

To get the Barred Window Key:

- From bonfires Irithyll dungeon you walk down the aisle and left over the bridge.
- Bend behind right and take the keeper.
- Here you will find many cells, but you have to get through to strike the grid, which could be from the other side.
- Go through and search the cell right after the key to the Barred Window.

Old Cell key

A key to another cell opens the prison of the first prisoners in the dungeon. This space remained closed for a very long time. There you will find the Golden snake ring, your happiness increases enormously. At the end of the sewers in the dungeon of Irithyll finds a normal and a Mimic chest. The normal chest contains the old cell key.

Grand Archives Key

The key to the Grand Archives can be found quite easily, because without this, you could not enter the next area in Dark Souls 3 - the Grand Archives. The key is located on a dead body, right next to the door.

Tower Key

Behind the firelink shrine you find a dilapidated tower, which contains many secrets. On the tower can be found, for example, the crow's nest and the tower then, among other things the Silver snake ring and the Fire Keeper Soul. The tower you should also visit quite early in the game. The Tower Key you can buy at the fire guardian for 20,000 souls.

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