Dark Souls 3: Find Uchigatana - location guide

In Dark Souls 3, you can find the powerful weapon “Uchigatana”. This Katana was very popular in the predecessors and should not be missing in the latest entry.

The Uuchigatana has some advantages in Dark Souls 3 due to the high range of the katana, you can attack your opponent from a greater distance and the speed of your attacks is faster than with other comparable weapons. A particularly nice bonus is the bleeding effect. You can use the Uchigatana with all classes in Dark Souls 3, who have sufficient skill levels.

Dark Souls 3: The Katana Location

At the beginning of the gameplay you will encounter the first boss Iudex Gundyr. Defeat him and go to the Firelink Shrine, there to light the beacon. Then go through the doorway out again and go directly to the right on the cliff. On the stairs to the right you will find two simple opponents, you must eliminate them and return to your path. At the top of the stairs far ahead of you will find another enemy.

Quickly you will notice that he holds the Uchigatana in his hand and you must defeat him to get to one of the most popular weapons in Dark Souls 3. If the enemy in combat accidentally throws off the cliff, the Uchigatana is not lost just close the game immediately and restarts it, so the Katana can spawn at the edge of the cliff directly and you can collect it.

The values of Uchigatana

If your character has a strength value of 11 and a skill value of 16 then the Katana will develop its full potential and will be fast and strong. So you trigger the bleeding effect, you have the ability to attack enemy faster with Uchigatana. Other values of Uchigatanas you can see the list below.

- Weight: 5.5
- Durability: 35
- Physical Attack Power: 115 + 15
- Bleed effect: 34

The Uchigatana is a skill-weapon and therefore, particularly dependent on your skill value.

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