Dark Souls 2: Navlaan’s assassin quest without Kills - Guide

The quest line of the Royal Wizard Navlaan in Dark Souls offers you good rewards. But to meet Navlaan’s quest he asks you some NPCs in Dark Souls to kill 2. This can avoid, among other things, if Navlaan simply presents you only important items from NPCs. The NPCs you leave these items usually against souls or after fulfillment of their own quest lines. In this small guide to Dark Souls 2, we tell you how to kill without NPCs met Navlaan’s Quest series.

First you have to Navlaan in Dark Souls 2 track. In Aldias fortress Navlaan place in the right wing in the Hall with the huge dragon skeleton. But watch out: To start the quest line of Navlaan in Dark Souls 2, you freed him under any circumstances! Talk to him in undead form in his cell while he is still trapped. He will give the applicator to do the NPCs. But that you sin in Dark Souls 2 and will easily become the target of invasion of enemy players.

Dark Souls 2 - Navlaan’s assassin quest without Kills

This NPC shall do the Royal Magician Navlaan in Dark Souls 2.

First objective: Laddersmith Gilligan

First, you ask Navlaan to do Laddersmith Gilligan. Rather than kill Gilligan, you buy from him just the ladder miniature and bring them to Navlaan. As a reward you will receive the dispersal ring of Navlaan. This ring offers you 60+ lightning, fire, magic and darkness-defense.

Second objective: Cale, the cartographer

Next, you ask Navlaan to do the cartographers Cale. As evidence you bring the helmet from Cale. This helmet you will receive Cale too, so if you fulfill his quest series of mysterious map in the property in Majula. To complete Cale's Quest series, met the following things: Kill the Bosses: The Last Giant, The Lost Sinner, Old Iron King, Freja, The Duke's Dear Freja and Nash Andra. In addition, you need the items King's Square and the Ashen Mist Heart. After he leaves you as a reward his armor. In addition, you get an achievement. How do you get the items or defeat the bosses, learn in our comprehensive Dark Souls 2 walkthrough. You gain of Navlaan a simpleton spice.

Dark Souls 2,  Navlaan’s Assassin Quest

Third objective: Felkin, the outcast

Felkin can be found at the entrance to Hunters Grove (Huntsman's Copse) in Dark Souls 2 Navlaan want to prove the Sunset Staff. This will get you by Felkin, once your stats by Wille (Faith) and intelligence be 20 per. However, you will find the Sunset Staff in Aldias fortress near the first born fire outside in an iron box with Mimic. Bring Navlaan just the Sunset Staff to do without Felkin. Navlaan reward you with the Pyromancy Forbidden Sun (Forbidden Sun).

Fourth objective: Emerald messenger

The Emerald messenger offers you level-up and increases your Estus flacons. Therefore, you should not kill them out of principle already. Navlaan wants as proof the item Aged Feather, which you handed over the Emerald messenger at the entrance to Dragon Stronghold. With the item you return without limit always return to the last beacon. Displays Navlaan this item and you have completed the quest line. Navlaan reward you with the Unleash Magic and the chaos set.