Dark Souls 3: Locations of all Estus Flask Shards

In Dark Souls 3, you have to battle against numerous dark creatures that demand you a lot. Therefore, it is extremely important that you carry as possible as many Estus Flask Shards with you to heal you during a fight and persevere longer. But they are well hidden in the world and you have to find them. Here, we will show you the locations of all Estus sherds in Dark Souls 3.

Estus Flask Shards automatically fill up and if you make on a bonfire catch and then can be reused accordingly. Use of Fire Guardian souls can also increase the effectiveness of your bottles total 7x. Meanwhile, you help the Estus shards to provide more places for the inventory of your character. Because the Estus sherds ensure that your Flasks are amplified.

Therefore, when you have found one or more Estus shards in the Dark Souls 3 world, then you have to seek the blacksmith Andre. You can find him on your leave from the firelink shrine. Talk to him and then select the menu "Strengthen Estus bottles" - now your character can carry more healing potions with him.

Estus sherds: location in the high wall of Lothric

If you move away from the bonfire of the tower to climb on the wall above the roof: Probably you can find the hiding spot of the first Estus Shard that is in the first area that you enter. Take the ladder to get into the building. From the external staircase you come to the ground floor. There is the Estus Shard: It is on the altar, standing on the right side of the room (as seen from the stairs). In addition, you will also have a prison key and a shield, with 100% damage mitigation.

Estus Sherds: location in the Undead Settlement

Once you enter into the undead settlement, you should be attentive, because pretty much at the beginning, you can also find an Estus Shard. Take it from the first bonfire in the area to enter the next building. There you have to fight through to the ground floor. Leave the house again, now you see a large tree beneath are numerous burning corpses. In addition, there are opponents standing around the tree. You have to take them and also essential to respect the magician, who is also standing there. At the foot of the tree hides the Estus Shard.

Estus sherds: location in the Firelink Shrine

It is located in the firelink shrine and that you have to look up on the railing. You can already see the Estus Shard, because the item is lit on the railing. To get the Estus Shard, you may have to get to the bell tower and that is only possible using the tower key that you can get hold of with 20,000 souls at the Shrine Maiden. Once you have the tower key, then climb up the tower and then go to the bridge. Jump down from there on the roof of the firelink shrine and from there turn to something underlying canopy. There is an open passage, leading into the firelink shrine. Now move carefully on the railing over to Estus Shard and collect it.

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