Dark Souls 3: find Silver Eagle Kite Shield - location

In Dark Souls 3, a strong shield will save the lives in tight situations. The shield with 100% damage reduction at this point is especially recommended. In our guide we will show you the exact location to get the strong shield.

To help you get started into the game, choose the Knight as Start-Class. He not only has a decent defense, but also has the possibility to equip with the heavy knight shield - physical harm reduction has 100%. Thus, the beginning of the game should be easier.

Find shield with 100% damage reduction

The Silver Eagle Kite Shield is the first sign that you will find in Dark Souls 3, which reduces 100% physical damage. You can get it easily, without spending your hard earned souls at a merchant. You can find it in the first area of High Wall of Lothric.

On the way to the cathedral there are several branches leading to the square outside. One of these paths leads you into a building, where you can also find the prison key. The shield is located in a box in the back room of the ground floor.

Silver Eagle Kite Shield and its values

The potential of this powerful shield can fully utilize only if your character has at least a intensity value of 11. The following list shows you an overview of the properties of the strong shield with 100% damage mitigation.

Weight: 5.0
Strength: 60
Entertainment: 45
Physical harm reduction: 100
Harm reduction Magic: 44
Harm reduction fire: 45
Harm reduction flash: 33
Harm reduction Dark: 43

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