Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Old Iron King walkthrough

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Brume Tower
Memory of the old Iron King
Iron Passage

Brume Tower

To access the first and main area of this additional content (DLC 2) for Dark Souls 2, “Dark Souls 2 'Crown of the Old Iron King”, towards the Prime Fire Fortress iron after defeating the old Iron King in a bath of lava. Make sure you have in your possession the heavy iron key and you can reach a previously hidden room and the sanctuary that goes with it. Open the front door with the key in question, pass the gate of mist at the top of the elevator and go up in the tower on the right. Take six cutting edges on the statue of the founder of ash which then disintegrates, cross via the great iron chain and turn on the first light.

Ignore the item on the left (you can not recover the ring until you have moved the hot iron scepter), slowly approaching the appearance of Nadalia stepping back to let the firestorm then run towards her to use one of your bits and seal. And you will get the first fragment of the soul of Nadalia out of 12: turn around to use the passage to the left, drop down twice by picking up objects along the way, then approach slowly on the body the snowy ledge to see the first soldier from the ashes spring from earth.

Four of his fellow creatures await you down the slope: So fight back if necessary in order to attract them to you one by one, pick up Eau Rouge against the fence behind you, get on the scale once inside Tower, walk along the central cylinder to find a balm, get more beautiful by picking up seven false passage and collect the prism and tablet Titanite respectively on the body in the trunk below before descending again with great caution.

Downstairs awaits indeed quite a welcoming committee provided several soldiers ash being in place and benefiting from the support of an apparition of Nadalia which invoke a more resistant than other new soldiers. Going down the ladder, so move a minimum to attract only the first soldier, remove the one that's hiding on the right and only then, approach to Nadalia to reveal the third robber. Recover flawless pyromancy Dance of fire in the room to the right, seal the totem, turn the lever to open the front door and down on the left (watch armor possessed the floor above you may possibly behind you and see you attack).

Defeat the two soldiers that emerge, walk on the ash body to bring forth the stones of underlying strength, collect the talismans on the body and activate the wall behind you to find two chests containing, among other, chalices emotional. Step back from this time to the right, move on after opening the door to be able to take off on the undead workers all wearing explosive barrels, down by shooting all the barrels in the room below and on workers near the second head of a bull, and then once back outside, go down the two successive levels by shooting if you wish the soldiers waiting for you every time to prepare for your arrival.

Recover Caestus +8 in the trunk, turn the fire on your right inside, ignore the door down the hall and go rather cross the misty portal to the other side. Ignore the ladder nearby, go rather to let you down at the end of the bridge near two inactive lift to land on the bottom and shoot the explosive worker who was waiting for you at the Turn if you had taken the ladder. Take the next corridor, back after opening the door, "put fuel to the fire" to clean and pick up the item on the body near the ladder.

Speaking of this scale ... For your sake, do not go there now and instead take the time to bow, using magic "binocular" and with some elegant skulls attract and kill some enemies that await you below. Once done, move a minimum after getting off to eliminate power quietly, always at a distance, a soldier stationed in height to the bottom and who will be happy to send you clever firebombs. Only then can you have peace to take care of the titan iron that you will not fail to notice.

The latter, of course, will turn his club above his head to fall on yours but beware that the epaulettes of fellow lava will screen at regular intervals and alternating (left shoulder, then right, then left , ..).

This small peaceful world, open the front door, remove the armor possessed taking care its sometimes difficult to anticipate and integrated with its shield arc movements to pick up any valuable floor and turns of the path objects to eliminate distance witch posted height, taking care to its response. Come then after soldiers ash that spring from the earth and the second witch a little further, pick up the image of the body to the left, take mine down the ladder to make some soldiers of the snow out and refit in order to align as it should be.

Scroll down to finish the household, collect objects in the body ash before moving the gate of mist and walk along the hallway to the right to find a good friend to fire nearby. Walk back down the stairs, cross the big chain and quickly locate the phantom that invades you, behind the wall on the left. It will run away in the tower if you leave it too close to stairs: So do your best to eliminate on-site and retrieve the ascetics in the trunk. Down in the tower, you'll notice that a curse is at work, cursing you and reviving steadily owned armor patrolling the lower floor. A bow or magic, get rid of the soldiers in the middle, trying to attract the ghost to get rid if necessary and head over to the emergence of Nadalia two floors down to plant a cutting edge and end the curse.

Delete the armor possessed for good, eliminate the last enemies out of the ground down to retrieve the majestic swordfish in the trunk, go back to the previous fire, collect magic stones on the body in the room down the hall and get wide. To cross the room, then you should take the path enclosed by fences, avoiding the fire statues and especially by eliminating the four black witches that block the road in a very inconvenient. Unless you want to lure them near the myriad of explosive barrels in the center, no need to mount any gate: so leave them alone levers if necessary, make good use of your bow (or load in the pile if you feel d attack to manage two witches at the time), then do you hold the iron titan at the end of the passage.

Raise the gate behind him, take the hall on your left, joining the outside, climb the ladder to create a shortcut to the fire, retrace your steps to undertake the crossing of the channel and keep an eye out in the area following. Crawling body indeed populate this place in darkness and these, when they are weakened, will explode, not without having tried before you blow in the face. Progress with prudence, therefore, light the torches along the corridor by collecting dragon bones petrified at the end, go down as you prepare for a duel against a ghost and, with your back to the empty, open the fourth door from the left to unearth some defended by a black witch objects.

Then open the first door on the left, taking care to crawling explosives down, draw the attention of the clique of these crawling after you open the door and stuck them in the opening to let them blow them this variety-there are earlier than others. Then retrieve the scepter burning iron, return to the fire hall and place said scepter in the slot that you cross.

This will activate all elevators of the tower and will give you access to new areas. Start by borrowing the elevator going up to the left and climb the second in stride. During the ride, stick to the wall by hammering the action button to reveal a secret passage, within which you will find a hood you immunizing curses.

At the top, open the door at the end, hit the bull's head that she go to roast enemies in the hallway, be sure to blow up all the barrels for peace, collect kunais laceration and repeat to the floor above, taking care to soldiers stashed in the alcoves and three armor possessed down the hall.

Retrieve the ring behind the brittle wall in the first alcove and the four cutting edges of depth in the trunk before you drop into the opening, go down a level, go around the bridge to find a lift that you take facing an opening a little higher and eliminate the two armor possessed in the following exhibit.

Hit the bull's heads to rotate and be able to recover the gems on the floor, open the door on the right to create a shortcut to the fire and be able to recover the sparkling titanite in the trunk behind the gate, then go through the door beyond jet of fire to recover the Ring single-minded on the ledge outside. Turn back to the elevator, reach the door on your right and attract the iron titan as much as possible so that it no longer enjoys the aura of the totem that lurks below. Use the crack in the door to your advantage, turning as needed on the elevator, then once released path, grab the life ring 3 in the trunk and open each door to retrieve items and to seal the appearance of Nadalia.

Back in the elevator, take a look on the left down there to locate a ledge to jump range: take out your momentum to join and recover the pike pilgrim in the chest, then return to the fire hall . Position yourself on the elevator that still mount once and turn to the outside to identify a mesh edge but still leaving an opening: Once again, cue your jump well to be able to reach it by equipping the silver ring in advance to avoid dying when falling feline, collect treasures on blue lizard and get both in the trunk. Return to the hallway, finally borrow elevator that descends and go left to enter the gateway to the outside.

There, three titans beware iron break out of snowy ground: move very slowly to bring them out one by one, draw them into the previous room and use the jets of flame to your advantage. The extent pacified, collect all the objects on the ground, including the Key of the tower on the body at the bottom, do not open any door for now and rather get a lower level via a new elevator soldier hanged. Drop down through the holes in the ground by eliminating or whenever the soldiers waiting for you below, beware of portions of soil crumbling and eliminate the titan iron distance from the rim if you prefer.

The armor possessed in the next reborn from its ashes every time you kill zone: Fortunately, you only have to cross the area to any leg to take the elevator at the end. However, if you want to open the chest in the small room to the right, draw the immortal armor near the entrance, empty once his life bar and go ahead to enjoy the time she starts to perk up.

You'll have just enough time to get their hands on the Ring-emissions of witchcraft. Arrived, the boss room opens up to you. Before entering, however, take the right path by eliminating two titans iron to activate a fire go after and take care to seal the four apparitions of Nadalia around the arena.

Boss: Fume Knight

Before you even go mess with this opponent, seal at all costs four appearances Nadalia around the arena, because if only one of these will heal the boss appearance during the fight, making it impossible to win.

The boss itself is a durability test at all and handles ultra swordfish and a straight sword, depending on the weapon used, so it will hit sooner or later, but it will not hesitate to mix one and one of his arms during his combos. Given its longevity, so you need to be patient and leave some space to dodge. Do not try to put several shots in an interval, or you might regret it bitterly, the guy with a big strike force. In the event that you would have no choice but to counter, provide a good shield that do not will drain your stamina.

Once half of his life flight, the Fume Knight however takes a different approach and diversified attacks.

He did indeed keep his ultra swordfish soaked black flames which cause damage even through the best shields, and will employ a rather annoying AoE. When he sticks his sword in the ground, move away to avoid the initial shock wave, and then run a roll through fireballs created it then. Finally, to avoid the long, slow scan inflamed, you slip under his sword on the left with a roll for, in addition to avoid the attack, have a window of opportunity. Place an attack at every opportunity, no more, and you will eventually overcome the knight.

Victorious, you receive one of the 12 fragments of the soul of Nadalia in addition to, complete, the knight, and can go get the crown on the throne fallen below. The armor Raime also appear in the stock Magerold Fortress iron. Then go back to the lobby to put you in search of the missing pieces, starting with the door open in front of the hot rod of iron with the Key Tower. The following area is cursed and possessed invincible armor lurking: So go for it down the stairs, turn left, open the door and quickly plant a cutting refiner in causing Nadalia to seal (if you lack a Follow the path of memory below). Getting to the surface if necessary to slay the enemies vulnerable now, go get the pyromancy fiery serpent, and then take two elevators that rise.

Unlock the door on the left to mount more clear the first ranger staying near the elevator and seal the totem Nadalia before settling the score at four other rangers waiting for you down the stairs. Feel free to retreat and use projectiles to have them one by one, then once at the top, turn on the light before activating the samurai armor to enter the memories of the King.

Memory of the old Iron King

In the first large hall, three soldiers Alonne expect you to halt, in addition to those of hide in the alcoves on the sides. Start by eliminating remote two salamanders in order to have peace, clean the room and get rid of the third to the bottom in order to let you down. In the great room below, two knights Alonne also charge you dry, while two others are
waiting a little further, bow in hand.

Go down to the first floor below in order to slay the salamander otherwise annoying, eliminate the two soldiers stashed at the bottom, get the twin-blades 7 in the corner of one of the tunnels and climb to the skin the two archers. Collect gems and repair powders, then move straight ahead to measure you to host.

Boss: Sire Alonne

The master samurai wields the Dai-katana as a person and will prove it to you during the confrontation. You will in fact that very little time between each attack to place a stroke or treat: the image of the battle against the Fume Knight, so do not be too greedy and equip yourself with a good shield to be able to avoid a fatal than you could avoid blow.

Fortunately, Sire Alonne proves a bit weaker than the knight above-mentioned and when you learn to read his movements, you do you will reap better.

Surprising as it may seem, even for fighters in hand-to-hand, it is best to stay away from the boss: indeed, to bridge the distance, sire Alonne then use his favorite load, cutting in front of him in stride : a perfect opportunity to execute a roll at him to go behind his back and place your attack. His other hits are proving more complicated effect to manage, especially if you were planning to place a shot after one of his combos. Thus, it is not uncommon that you have to play three or four rolls to escape the fury of the boss, leaving you without endurance against attack. Be patient, give the distance between you, avoid his shots shadow casual and avoid standing in front of him just shield up: the man would not hesitate to break your guard kick wide.

Finally, pull the bottom right and look twice the chair to retrieve a last Taillant refiner and return to the present. The whole armor of Sir Alonne will be available for purchase from Magerold, Fortress iron.

Iron Passage

To achieve this optional area, go down a level from the fire hall and unlock the iron door with the key of the tower. Go down the stairs and turn through the elevator to reach the actual entrance, turn the heat and you choose whether or not an ally of misfortune a lower level. The first room is empty, but will not stay long if you pull the lever in front of you, so many soldiers coming out of the ashes of the cells in the central corridor. A false salamander also spit a burst of fireballs to keep you moving and the grid that separates you will remain open for a few seconds. You have the right to a trial, but know that if you can go, you can avoid enemies just under half of the level.

If you want to play classical, simply eliminate the soldiers, get the large fragments of titanite in one of the cells and return take the right path. Eliminate the black witch height for peace, fight your passage to the next level, where you will find some more soldiers, and stay well away to be able to get rid of remote armor possessed. Book a similar fate to the priest in height or ignore it to continue, remove the last group of enemies after taking clearance titan of iron in the left corner and have to wrestle the local demon.

Boss: Blue Smelter Demon

That one you saw coming with big hooves. Very similar, if not identical to its counterpart in the Iron Fortress, this version of the founder differs from the first mainly by the type of damage it generates, passing the fire like the magical kind. Apart from that, it gets a few moves with swords and especially the ability to generate a shock wave, similar to the smell when he plants his sword, but he can start by standing up simply by spreading the arm to announce the carnage.

Victorious again, pick up the mask Pharros the end of the tunnel and go up to complete this additional content.

Final Boss Fume Knight & Memory of the king