How to Defeat all Bosses in Paper Mario: Color Splash

In this guide to Paper Mario: Color Splash, we will show you how to defeat all nine bosses: Morton, Iggy, Ludwig, Wendy, steak, Larry, Lemmy, Roy and Bowser.

Boss Fight: Morton

Required Thing Card: Fire Extinguisher

At the beginning of the fight your opponent Morton rises on a pedestal and believes his two Shy Guys would take care of you. So use your hammer vigorously against the podium, so it is thrown out of the arena.

Now it's Morton in two combat phases:

First phase: Morton will either strike with his hammer or his tank on you. Here you can block him very well.

Second Phase: The second phase begins when you have removed about a third of its HP. He then gets a fire hammer and you have to use your Dings card: the fire extinguisher. Now Morton also loses the second third of his HP and his hammer. Now you only need a few attacks to make Morton flat.

Boss Fight: Iggy

Required Thing Card: Bone

Even the boss fight against Iggy consists of two phases:

First phase: Iggy is trying to hurl you with his staff energy balls. But with your fire and ice flowers, you can quickly reduce 50% of his HP.

Second phase: When Iggy disappears, then begins Phase 2. A Shy Guy appears in its place and a hammer brother, both sitting in a cart. Heal now best and use one of your "worse" cards. The opponents will avoid the attacks and Iggy reappears. Now draw the Thing card with the bones: So you destroy the cart and also Iggy with its remaining HP.

Boss Fight: Ludwig

Required Thing Card: Balloons

The fight against Ludwig stands out a little from the other boss battles because Ludwig appears along with his ship. At first you may think that you cannot reach him, but there is a trick. In this level you have certainly gathered a lot of tail cards – Now, these are used:

First phase: Ludwig is trying to fire cannonballs at you. Use now the tail cards, make sure that you throw the cannon balls back. Spike opponents are coming to you later. They attack you with prickly balls and also here you have to use a tail card. The last cannon ball, which is harmless because it rolls so slowly on you, should be especially noticed by you. With that, Ludwig hopes that you start your defense too early.

Second phase: When you have almost destroyed the ship, it turns actually in a submarine and the attacks are more difficult. Now use your thing card: the balloon. Now you need only a powerful punch with your hammer and you can destroy the submarine as well as Ludwig.

Boss fight: Wendy

Required Thing card: Instant Camera

Actually Wendy should be easy to defeat, for it can only one attack: Coins and opponents throw at you. However, this can be very exhausting, as it makes this nonstop. However, there is a trick: you spin the coin and opponents in a given cycle or flow on you and those you have to impress you.

First phase: Manipulate enemy that Wendy thrown at you, in the same clock from as hurling you. You must first defeat them before attack Wendy.

Second phase: If you could pull a few HP of Wendy, then it will whirl around its tanks to prepare a really strong attack, but you can escape the attack, and can use the instant camera as thing card.

Boss Fight: Steak

Required Thing Cards: Salt And Pepper, Grill, Lemon

In the Tangerino Grill you meet the steak, it really looks like a steak. But you cannot eat In any case you have to defeat this boss and it works best if you prepare the steak properly. For this you have 2 phases:

First phase: First use your hammer to tender the steak. You are ready when the steak bends forward halfway.

Second phase: Now use the thing cards: Only salt and pepper, then grill and lemon.

Boss fight: Larry

Required Thing Card: Cork

When boss fight against Larry you will be assisted by a small Toad:

First phase: You ought to decide in the first attack on a weak card. Because shortly after Larry is also healed by a Shy Guy. A Toad helps you and wants to drive the Shy Guy. There are now three waves in which you are dealing with opponents. In the meantime, the little Toad makes sure that the healing Shy Guy disappears.

Second phase: Now Larry jumps from his chimney. He shoots a smoke cloud at you - at this moment you must use your cork. Now stop and take no further cards for attacks, because the smoke must be cleared. But the cork clogs the chimney, so you can fight Larry in peace.

Boss fight: Lemmy

Required Thing Cards: Disco Ball, Ice Pick

Lemmy is only immune to your attacks with the hammer. Even your ice and fire plants don’t harm him:

First phase: Lemmy is not alone. There are numerous hammer brothers and piranha plants to help. First you have to defeat the other enemies Lemmy is calling. Only then you get to Lemmy.

Second phase: You think Lemmy hardly can harm, but that's not true. Use your jump cards. With them, Lemmy can pull off half of his HP. Then he will creep into his tank and bring a new ball. With normal attacks you are now no longer far, now you can use the thing cards: First the disco ball and then the ice pick, whereby its strongest weapon is taken. Now you can continue working on it until you defeat him.

Boss Fight: Roy

Required Thing card: Washing Machine

Roy appeared in the last level: In Bowser's Castle. You should now use some of your coins and buy strong, brightly colored cards with them.

First phase: In the beginning we empty Roy color bar to the last drop. You can take already half of his HP, if you attack him 4x with your huge hammer. Roy will use his large color cannon to attack. This will shoot different colors on you, which always has a different effect on you.

Second phase: Once Roy appeared the arena with his color gun in a deep black, you have the thing card with the washing machine. From now on you can easily remove Roy's last HP.

Last boss fight: Bowser

Required Thing Card: no

The last boss fight you fight against Bowser. Again, there are 2 Combat phases and one last fateful attack that, if you are not careful, can go wrong:

First phase: First freed Bowser's head of black color and care of his horns. Here, you should not use any ordinary jump tack. Also, destroy the black lava bubbles because Bowser uses them to absorb and recover his black color.

Second phase: Now it is no longer sufficient to liberate Bowser with your attacks of the black color. You must do this, but it is also important that you use good defense attacks. Bowser is powerful and he takes care with his attacks that you get a lot of damage. Therefore, always pay attention to your HP, which should always be well filled.

Last attack: In his last attack, you need solid defense, otherwise you will get damage and Bowser will also regenerate. Bowser hurls a black ball at you, but that flies very slowly. So don’t be too hectic with pressing the defense button. If you are able to defend the attack well, you only need to use a skilful jump attack and you can win in your last boss fight in Paper Mario: Color Splash!

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