Just Dance 2017: Create Exercise Playlists

Just Dance 2017 is the latest installment in the popular dance video game franchise from Ubisoft. This version includes new game modes, which guarantees many hours of fun and for those who want to combine exercise with entertainment, there is a possibility in Just Dance 2017.

Sweat + Playlists, where you can create playlists, exercise routines, and even know how many calories you've burned. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a custom playlist with your favorite hits to exercise while enjoying a good sound.

In the Sweat + Playlists game mode, the player can choose to dance from all the songs and routines available in the game, including those of the "Unlimited" service. As you go through each song, you can visualize the time it has and the estimated amount of calories the activity can burn, which helps a lot when selecting the tracks according to your purpose.

In this area, the user can still play one song at a time, all followed randomly chosen or in order, or else create your own playlist with your favorite songs. In this case, the player can select at least three different items to compose his / her playlist. Here's how to create your own custom list:

Step 1. Select "Sweat + Playlists" mode from the game's start menu;

Step 2. Select the "New Playlist" option;

Step 3. Click the button with a plus sign that says "Add Music";

Step 4. Choose the songs you want to include in your list, remembering that you need to have at least three routines. In the upper right corner you can see the amount of items added, the estimated time and amount of calories.

When you finish your choice, press the back button on the control, in case the Xbox is the "B", for example, and save your list. Still in this part, it is possible to include more songs or finalize;

Step 5. You can then choose whether you want to end or edit the playlist name. To determine a new name simply select the option with the drawing of a pencil, "Edit Name" and type what you want, then press "Continue" and ready, your list has been created;

Step 6. Finally, save your new playlist.

In this same part you will find the options "Start Playlist", to start dancing "Edit", if you want to include or remove some routine and "Erase", to exclude the list.