Move Deleter / Reminder Locations Guide: Pokémon Sun and Moon

The Move Deleter and Move Reminder are two important NPCs in Pokémon Sun and Moon. They are immensely important in optimizing the moves of your Pokémon. But where do you find them? In this guide, we will show you the locations of Move Deleter and Move Reminder, and also explain what you can do with them.

In the Alola region, different NPCs perform important functions that will be useful to you in the Monster hunt. In addition to the Name Rater, there is also the Move Deleter and the Move Reminder.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Move Reminder

Location: In the Pokémon Center of Mount Lanakila south of the Alola League. It is the older woman in the green clothes.

In the Move Reminder you can learn egg breeding move for your Pokémon in exchange for a heart shed. Or a move used to control your Pokémon. This is useful, for example, if you get a Pokémon at a higher level or get it through a swap. The Pokémon has then perhaps not important moves in stock.

However, the attacker can teach Pokémon only moves that he can learn by level ascents. If a Pokémon has already learned about HMs, they cannot be learned again with the NPC. However, it is very practical that the lady can also teach you move that a Pokémon would only learn on a higher level. So if you don’t want to train your Pikachu until level 42, so that it finally learns Thunder blitz, the Move Reminder helps you out.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Move Deleter

Location: At the Pokémon Center of Hauholi City. It is the elderly man with half-bosom who offers his services without consideration.

The NPC has no more important function in the sun and moon than in past Pokémon games. Because the HMs are no longer in the current part. These included attacks, such as surfers or bombers, who were intended to be used in the environment and could only be deal with the help of the Move Deleter.

Since there are no more HM Moves, you can replace all your moves yourself, and you do not need the NPC any more. Nevertheless you know now where you can find him.