Oil of Empires Operations Guide - Battlefield 1

One of the most difficult operations in Battlefield 1 is about maps that are located in the Middle East desert areas with plenty of space for sniper rifles. In the game, the attacking team must conquer one sector after the other and the attackers have several battalions available. If they fail during an attack, they receive support from a particularly violent war machine: a Behemoth (tank or battleship).

Battlefield 1 - Oil of the Empires

Historical background

This operation is about the so-called Palestine Front, a side war zone of the First World War. In 1915, the Ottoman Empire advanced to the Suez Canal, but was defeated by the British. In 1916 the Ottomans tried again with the support of the German Asia Corps and failed again. The British then took the counteroffensive and captured the Sinai Peninsula. The Battle of Megiddo on September 19, 1918, ultimately led the English troops to victory in Palestine. On October 30, the Ottoman Empire had to agree to the armistice of Moudros.

Setup in Battlefield 1

The operation "Oil of the Empires" runs in Battlefield 1 as follows:

Belligerents: Turkey vs. England
Number of attackers: 3

1. Map - Al-Faw Peninsula (Fort of Faw)

Sectors: 3
Battlefield Objectives: 6
Behemoth: Battleship

2. Map - West Bank of the Canal (Suez Canal)

Sectors: 4
Battlefield Objectives: 8
Behemoth: armored

3. Map - East of Al Jifar (Desert of Sinai)

Sectors: 5
Battlefield Objectives: 11
Behemoth: armored

Below we present the sectors in detail and reveal what you need to look out for.
Al-Faw Peninsula (Fort of Faw)

Sector 1 - Outpost

Battlefield Objectives: 2

Target A is a small outpost surrounded by low sandbags. Target B is located on an island on a hill.

Special features: In target B there is a fairly exposed hostility close to the coast.

Warning: snipers defenders often shoot from the mountainside to the north.

Sector 2 - Flowing Land

Battlefield Objectives: 2

Target B is located on the coast on a hill. Battlefield A is located in a small courtyard in the north.

Features: To conquer B, have the attackers on a fairly open area west of B, and to make matters worse, even by water. At battlefield target A there is hostility.

Warning: sniper the attacker lurking west of A on the mountainside, while making the Scout defenders on the expansive mountainside north of A cozy. Defenders also snip out from the fortress.

Sector 3 - Fao Fortress

Battlefield Objectives: 2

The massive fortress has two battlefield targets. To finish A you break and go through the wall in the north or through a door exactly between A and B in the west. Target B can be attacked from A, but many attackers climb over the wall southwest of B.

Special feature: There are in addition to the scout contaminated towers, several passages and bunkers inside the fortress.

Warning: Defending Scouts often perching on the towers.

West Bank of the Canal (Suez Canal)

Sector 1 - Shooters on the east bank

Battlefield Objectives: 2

The actual trenches are located in the south, in a sand dune valley. Target A is located on the railroad tracks in the north, on a small house.

Special feature: In the railcars on the tracks at target A are stationary machine guns.

Warning: Defending and attacking scouts like to go north of the railway line along the water. Cavalrymen often try to get into the enemy's rear.

Sector 2 - Shooters on the east bank

Battlefield Objectives: 2

Classic Battlestar battles are scheduled for A (North) and B (South).

Sector 3 - Canton

Battlefield Objectives: 2

Shortly behind the trenches in the north-west, there is an ascent to the city. There is Battlefield A, which offers hardly any cover and can be initiated from the houses of the city. Target B is located in the middle of the city.

Warning: Scout defenders and attackers are often found south of B in the dunes.

Sector 4 - Canton and Height 50

Battlefield Objectives: 2

The back side of the city of Kantara is home to Ziel A, right on a wide avenue in the middle of the city. Battlefield target B is a vast attack on a hill in the southeast of A.

Special feature: In target B, there are artillery and machine guns. The road to B leads up an open slope.

Warning: attacking scouts and assault squads often come from either the south or north of the dunes.

East of Al Jifar (Desert of Sinai)

Sector 1 - In front of the ruins

Battlefield Objectives: 2

In the desert the battlefield targets are often completely open like the two in the first sector. To the north is Ziel B, on a small position on a rock. There is hardly any cover. Target B is a bit easier to get to in the southwest because you can hide behind rocks below the flag.

Warning: Defending scouts use the rock formations in the northeast of A for snipers, as well as the mountainside southeast of B.

Sector 2 - Ruins

Battlefield Objectives: 2

Some old ruins and pillars in the sand give the two new targets some cover - but that is not enough to seriously complicate distance fighters. A is located in the west lower than the ruins in battlefield target B.

Warning: Here, there is a crazy sniper. Defend peek north-east and south of B, attacking the rocks north of A and the mountain slope south of A. Shooting to attackers from the protection of the low walls from the area around B.

Sector 3 - Valley of Jabal

Battlefield Objectives: 2

This is where it begins to become disgusting. Target A is located in a small position behind a larger rock, B is located in the middle of a valley under the huge rock massif in the east-west.

Caution: The sniper wars continue. Defenders like to shoot from the great rock massif in the east (you come across the rock bridge east of A on the rock). Attackers attempt to shoot back over the rocky hill south-west of B.

Sector 4 - Sinai Desert

Battlefield Objectives: 2

Target A is completely open in the middle of the sector. B is protected by the massive rock massif in the south.

Special feature: In target B are gun and artillery positions. The road to B leads through the narrow pass in the west or north. Attackers also try to reach the rock massif across the northern rock bridge (can be blown up!) And then shoot down at the defenders at B.

Sector 5 - Bir El-Mazar

Battlefield Objectives: 3

Three goals must be taken or defended. Goal A is located directly on the railway line and can be held by an armored train. The semi-circular village surrounds Ziel B in the south. Battlefield target C is a small position in the east.

Special: To get to the village, attackers can actually overcome covered the hill just in the southwest between the rock massif and the village to the village reasonably.

Warning: Defending sniper hang everywhere in and on the village houses. The hill does not offer much cover. On the slope south-east of C, scouts are also often found.