PlayStation VR: Share, Take Screenshots, Stream / Record Videos

The PlayStation VR offers you a whole new gaming experience. You can also share your joy with others by using the Share function.

PS VR: Share Function - PS4 vs. PS VR

The share function on the PS VR, ie the recording of videos and the making of pictures, differs in few criteria from the PS4. However, there are also parallels. You should know the following:

- The recording of VR games is 360-degree material. However, the storage of these pictures and videos is something different, as in the normal screenshots of the PS4.

- The recording of videos and pictures is done in the recording gallery of the PS4.

- On the TV your pictures and videos recorded with the PS VR are unfortunately only output in 2D, since the VR-view can be reproduced badly here. Also, if you stream, your friends see the game only in 2D.

- If you want to stream, you need a camera that records your face, because the PS VR takes your PlayStation camera in its entirety. For normal streams, this camera still captures your face.

PS VR: Screenshots and Videos

If you want to make pictures and videos via the PS VR, then you have to press the Share button on your controller as usual, and the Share menu is already displayed in the Virtual Reality view. So:

- If you hold down the share button, then you can take a screenshot.
- If you press the Share button twice fast, then the video recording starts.
- If you then press the Share button twice, then stop recording the video.
- A recording icon on your display indicates that you are recording.

From the Share menu, you can make various settings. Here you have the possibility to determine how long recorded videos should be or when the Share menu opens. Meanwhile, by the way, video clips of a length up to an hour are possible. The video is then saved in the recording gallery of the PS4 and has a format of 720p, even if the game actually has a resolution of 1080p.

PS VR: Stream and Share Your Experience with Friends

If you want to stream your game on the PS VR, then you can use basically the same procedure, as with normal streams on the PS4 synonymous and so:

- Start the game.
- Now press the Share button located on your controller in the upper left corner of the button.
- Now choose the option "transfer game" and decide for a stream service, usually the Twitch or UStream.
- Now you still have to connect your profile to the PS4 and give your streaming a title.
- You could now theoretically make even more streaming options and settings.
- If everything is done correctly, then start the stream with "Start Transfer" and you can get started.