Pokémon Sun and Moon: Catch Shiny Pokémon guide

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, for the most part you shouldn’t have bumped into a Shiny Pokémon. They are very rare. To get this particular Pokémon, you just have work hard. The chance to hit such a Shiny Pokémon, by the way, is 1 to 4,096. This means that in the worst case, you must catch 4,096 creatures to get a Shiny Pokémon. Each encounter with a pocket monster has a chance of 0.024 % in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

So now we know: Shiny Pokémon are incredibly rare. But what do they bring? Honestly - not much. They have an enormous collector's value, especially because they are so rare. , However, in the end, it is the same Pokémon. They have no special attacks or abilities. Because of the enthusiasm of fans, Nintendo often organizes special events where you can dodge the Shiny. If you missed an event, we will give you three ways to get to the Shiny Pokémon.

Method 1: Masuda

Junichi Masuda, a composer, programmer, developer, game designer (including the Pokémon series), and a member of the Board of Directors of Game Freak, is familiar with the franchise. He developed a method with that you can reduce the probability to 1 to 683. However, a little work is required. Proceed as follows:

- In the Masuda method, you must first exchange a Pokémon from another country.
- Cross it with a Pokémon from your pension.
- The resulting egg could be a Shiny Pokémon with a chance of 1 to 683.

You can also use the object Pokédex, which in turn increases the probability of a Shiny Pokémon. This item works in all areas except for the contact safari. The Masuda method should actually promote international exchange, but is now used for Shinys.

Method 2: Shiny Starter Pokémon

The second method limits the finding and capture of Shiny Pokémon only to the starter monster. So you can get a Shiny Starter Pokémon right from the start of Pokémon Sun and Moon. You should try the following trick:

- Play as long as until you meet Lilly. She wants you to accompany her back to the city.
- Don’t talk to her yet, save your game first.

- Now perform the conversation with her. It is best to change the text speed to fast since you will have to listen to it for a while.
- Choose your starter Pokémon and give it a nickname. During the assignment of the name, you would already notice a different color.
- Rowlet is green and not yellow, Litten is white as a Shiny Pokémon and not black and Popplio is slightly darker.
- Caution: If the monsters are still standing next to each other, you cannot see the Shinies. Only after selecting a monster you can see the shining figure.

- If there is no Shiny Pokémon, you must now perform a soft reset. Press L and R at the same time and confirm.
- Start now from the previous saving and repeat the whole thing.

Method 3: Use QR-Codes

Some Pokémon cannot take Shiny form. They are probably added later. These include, for example, Hoopa, Cosmog, Zygarde and the Pokémon protettore.

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, you have a QR code scanner. Collect QR codes in the world to unlock Pokémon. You can get some QR codes at special events in the real world.