The Division (1.5) FAMAS: high fire rate assault riffle guide

The FAMAS in The Division (Update 1.5) is a fully automatic assault riffle, which comes with an extremely high fire rate of 900. For comparison: The AK-74 has a fire rate of 600. Since the FAMAS has 30 shots in the magazine by default, you will often need to reload. So set the mods to an extended magazine. Base damage and stability are low:

The optimum range is 28 meters. Compared to the other storm guns, the FAMAS is an average weapon. Despite the high fire rate, the burst damage does not stick out, as can be seen in the following graphic. The rise of the white line shows the damage caused by a full magazine. The horizontal line represents the reload time:

All FAMAS assault riffles come with an interesting perk:

- Uncomplicated: Weapon damage is increased by 15%. However, Precision and Stability Mods reduce this bonus.

An example:

- Without mods the bonus is on weapon damage 15%.
- With a weapon mod that increases precision by 10%, the bonus is 13.5%.

How to use FAMAS in The Division?

If you press the trigger, the weapon will move sharply upwards. However, only upwards, the rash to the left or right is negligible. If you counter the vertical rebound, the weapon can also be controlled without mods.

Especially in Survival mode, this weapon is interesting. Because here you have to make your own equipment - even the mods. If you prefer to invest your materials in other items than in Mods, you can use this weapon to take advantage of the Resource Snap.

According to Arekkz Gaming, this weapon feels really good from gunplay. It's fun to play with the fast-firing FAMAS. In the video you can see them in action. In addition to the Survival mode, it is also strong in PvP. In PvE, weapons are better, which cause a lot of damage over time.

By the way: The Uncomplicated-Talent loses effect only through Mods. If your bonuses come from gear sets or from other sources, the advantage of the talent remains complete. Therefore, combinations with equipment sets, for example with Alpha Bridge, are particularly exciting for FAMAS.