All 48 Barrel (Collectibles) Locations in The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian, the action adventure game takes you to a mysterious world where you have to escape from a labyrinth with a little boy and his companion, the loving creature Trico. They must overcome some obstacles and work together. There are lots of collecting objects for the two, including barrels. Of these there is a lot and they are well hidden. In this guide we show you where you can find all 48 barrels available in the game.

As a reward for finding barrels in the game, you will be able to win trophies and above all the special outfits from Ico.

The only collectible items in The Last Guardian are barrels. There are a total of 48 barrels and you don’t have to carry them with you for long, but you can feed them to Trico. As a result, your friend feels better and better and his horns and wings gradually grow. Unfortunately, you cannot collect barrels afterwards. When you have finished a section, you cannot return to collect missing barrels. Your only chance is to play the second round again.

Even if there is no map or similar, you should look for blue butterflies. You will notice that there is a barrel near you. The closer you get to the barrel, the more butterflies appear. If three of you are whirling around, the barrel is almost found. However, even more of the helpful insects can appear, which means that several barrels can be found in the game section. Once a barrel is in sight, it is filled with a white glow, which makes the collection object better off the environment.

The following YouTube video shows the locations of all the 48 barrels in The Last Guardian.