Dead by Daylight: Totems and their benefits (update 1.3.0)

In many other games, totems appeared as mystical things that cannot be cracked or desecrated. In Dead by Daylight, things are known differently. When the Dead by Daylight developers introduced a new killer and survivor (and also a new map), the update came at the same time to the version 1.3.0. In addition to various balancing and bug fixes, the totems also came into play but the developers have not explained so much about the new mechanics. For this reason, we are trying to create clarity with this article

What We Already Know About Totems

- There are 5 of them in each game.
- Survivors do not see their positions - only killers can recognize their aura.
- Survivors don’t need sabotage capability or a toolbox to destroy them.
- Killer will not see it when they are destroyed.
- No skill checks are triggered during sabotage.
- If a totem is destroyed, the survivor receives 400 points in the category "Bravery".

Totems Play a Role with the New Killer

With the new killer named "The Hag", the totems are to gain even more importance. It is rumored that their Perks turn around the mysterious shrines. The Hag can set up traps that may curse Survivor. If the cursed survivor then destroys a totem, he is freed. While the curse is active, he cannot use his perks. Whether these rumors are correct, we can tell you, as soon as the DLC has appeared and this section will also update accordingly.