Dead Rising 4: getting started with Multiplayer mode - guide

Unlike previous games, Dead Rising 4 features a Multiplayer mode that is not tied to the story which now sadly can only be completed in single-player. So the co-op mode is available in the main menu as a companion feature.

In the game, you can choose from four pre-defined characters, each with unique combat characteristics, or choose a randomly designed hero.

All the progress of the online mode, such as weaponry created, discovered projects and acquired skill points remain linked only to the multiplayer character and there is no way to transfer items to the campaign.

When you start in online mode, you can join with maximum three other players or even start alone. However, the level of unassisted difficulty is considerably high, since you have to deal with dozens of zombie hordes without tactical support.

Although it is a mode aimed at uncompromising fun, there is a brief history divided into four episodes. The basis is simple: Survive among infected creatures and meet goals within the time limit - a mechanic similar to the limiter of the first two franchise games. In fact, the way is nothing more than a mixture of survival and horde.

The adventure takes place inside a huge shopping center in the city of Willamette, clearly inspired by the setting of the first Dead Rising. Just like in the campaign, the map is open and fully exploitable, with hundreds of items and weapons on hand. Between one goal and another, you have to meet additional goals, such as killing a specific number of zombies and uncovering targeted areas on the map.

Basically, the missions boil down from point A to point B, a dynamic very similar to single player tasks. However, the difference is that you will be joined by other players and you will be able to interact with them offering help in critical situations.

There is also a very robust skill tree in the best RPG style, where the protagonist can spend points to acquire new finalizations and improve combat characteristics, as well as improve his vitality and passive attributes.

The character accumulates gold coins with each completed mission. Gold coins should be used to buy snacks and armaments through vending machines in secure locations. It is important to note that, just as in the campaign, weapons break quickly after being used frequently.

At the end of each round - the match ends when the main goal is reached or the time limit ends - you can compare your scores with other players to find out who managed to exterminate more zombies and, of course, who died less. This ensures an expressive competitive factor and encourages the user to be cautious when exploring the open map.