Defeat Ardyn Izunia in Final Fantasy 15: Boss battle guide

As in every video game, in Final Fantasy 15 also have to face a final boss. At the end of Chapter 14, you first encounter the Behemoth king and then Ifrit. If you have defeated the two final opponents, a special chunk is waiting for you. In this guide we give you some useful tips to defeat final boss Ardyn in FF15.

Ardyn is not a new face. As soon as you arrive in Chapter 14 and reach the Throne Hall of Insomnia, the last sequence of the game starts (provided you do not want to do any side quest afterwards). After a short, rather unpleasant, conversation, you are in the core of Insomnia. Here is the battle against Ardyn.

Before you get into battle, you should study the following basic data of Ardyn:

Level - 58
XP - 6,501
HP - 200,000
Strength - 4,760
Vitality - 164
Spirit - 152
Element - Ice (99)
Immune to Alterna, Poison, Instant Death and Stop

If you are Ardyn, it is as if you fight against a mirror image. He has the same techniques as Noctis. He uses Warp attacks and can spontaneously change his weapons. He has no special weaknesses; but he is immune to some states, as can be seen in the list above. You must fight the final boss alone; your companions can not help you here.

Boss-Guide Ardyn: This is how you win in phase 1

The boss fight with Ardyn is divided into three different phases. In the first part, a normal fight awaits you. However, remember that Ardyn has your abilities. Your weaknesses are also his - but also your advantages, such as the warp attack, he owns. For this reason, we can advise you to choose the weapon that best suits you.

Use special item: Ring of the Lucii

Before you deal with Ardyn, you get the ring of the Lucii, which can have three powerful spells. You should use this in the fight with the final boss. He has the following abilities:

- Death: Keep pressed the circle or B and with time all enemies will die if they are not immune. This spell costs Noctis 5 percent of the maximum MP per second.

- Alterna: This spell has a recharge time and kills all enemies in a range. Noctis' MP bar must also be filled to a maximum. After you cast the spell, the bar is empty and you get an MP stasis.

- Sanctus / Holy: This spell acts as a defensive maneuver followed by a counterattack. Per second, 10 percent of the maximum MP value is consumed. However, if the counter is successful, many MPs are replenished.

The first two spells cannot be used against Ardyn, since he is immune to them. Use Sanctus to deal damage and block his strong attacks.

Here are some tips for the first phase of the battle

- Activate Sanctus from the ring of the Lucii to evade. In the first phase you can play more defensively, if you have problems with the attacks of Ardyn.

- After a short time, Ardyn will use Warp attacks, which follow one another quickly. Escape from them by triggering duels.

- In these duels you should press the displayed button as quickly as possible.

- Look at Ardyn's weapons. You should already know about the attacks since Noctis can use the same weapons.

- Ardyn attacks you with a sword, followed by a long attack. If this is the best way out, use the Sanctus ability. However, don’t return until the series is finished. You know this either if you are familiar with the weapon or you are looking for a longer preparation time. This announces the final blow.

- Try to change the weapon as often as possible. Grab a shield and block his attack series. This also gives you time to counter-attack. However, this method requires you to change the weapons without errors.

- Ardyn can also use spells. If you see a surface attack shadow around Noctis, you should warp to a distant point. However, it is better to bring along an accessory that has an elemental resistance. If you find such accessories, you can read them elsewhere.

- If Ardyn has already been a little damaged, he will turn and get two new abilities from his magic box. You recognize them by either summoning a violet energy field or bundling violet energy. Both are followed by an attack that has a long range. You can warp to distant points, but it is better to counter the attacks by escaping.

Boss-Guide Ardyn: This is how you win in phase 2

The fight continues as soon as you have taken Ardyn about a third of his life. Because then the boss fight takes a somewhat more vertical direction. For this phase there are hardly any tips that we can give you. Most importantly, you always play offensive. Keep the boss headed and cover it with a drum fire from attacks. So give him little time to fight back. These attacks can consist of either warp attacks or goal-shooting missiles, depending on how much distance you have between them.

If Ardyn manages to attack, you should avoid it. If he wants to attack, you will recognize this in time. Ardyn orbits weapons that change as soon as he wants to attack. If you have only shot from a distance, you will be out of reach in the attacks. But if you are near Ardyn, you should dodge to avoid great damage.

Boss-Guide Ardyn: This is how you win in phase 3

With the last phase, you will have a hard test again. Ardyn and Noctis are both clearly visible, but want to bring it to an end. You can no longer automatically move away from this point. In addition, Noctis limps and is no longer move as before. But watch out for warp attacks from Ardyn and counter with blows. Some of the kitchens and elixirs later, you only have to press the displayed keys and then enjoy the end.

If you have finished the battle and defeated the Final boss, the ending is waiting for you. Then you see the secret end. Then you can save it again. You should also do this as soon as you want to do side quest in the open world.

If you now load the game, you land in the resting room in Chapter 15. Here again, new missions and tasks are waiting for you. If you want to return to Lucii or Altissia, you have to call Umbra. This little time travel dog will send you back to the past.


  1. Thank you! your tips really helped me for the battle. Mainly in the first phase. I never thought about using the ring. I'm really thankful!


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